Mel Jones
Database and Application Administrator
Bradenton, FL 34209

With a thorough understanding of commercial electrical systems to implementation of computing devices provides me with an exceptional toolbox of skills. Due to an early age learning issue I have... show more


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Work experience
Starr Digital Advertising Group
CEO and President

Taking digital AI-powered advertising to new heights of power one major client at a time. PID! Print is dead!

Mel Jones Custom Electronics, Ltd

Owner and lead designer of spycraft personal electronics. Cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi jammers we're my most popular item. However, never activate this device within one mile if an international airport or you will be meeting vague and menacing government law enforcement agents who have no sense of humour!


Navigates and negotiates productive and efficient business relationships between the School District of Manatee County and third party suppliers of online educational software. Generates performance reports and presents findings to district leadership. Offers high caliber technical support and troubleshooting to classrooms districtwide. Supports mobile devices including Palm Pilots, iPods, iPads, and various Android tablets used by administrators, educators and students.
Key Accomplishments:
*Saved district over $200K annually through performing all server maintenance, and installations and updates for PC and Apple server systems.
*Initiates, drafts, and executes strategic training materials for application-specific technology including programs designed to train-the-trainer.
*Directs project lifecycle for the adoption of software applications including AIG, PerformanceMatters, and Scholastic roll outs.
*Lends subject matter expertise and makes determinations on education software adoption decisions.

School District of Manatee County
Computer Information Specialist

Implemented and provided ongoing technical support for accounting software, DocuShare software, and LiquidOffice software. Created pdf electronic forms.
Key Accomplishments:
*Prepared and delivered training materials designed to update staff on MS Office products.
*Supported Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple applications and responded promptly and efficiently to inquiries.

School District of Sarasota County

Administered data integration and managed interconnectivity between Windows and Macintosh server platforms. Developed and implemented Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test and Florida Writes practice test environments and provided ongoing technical support to school administration, teachers, and students.
Key Accomplishments:
*Saved district thousands of dollars through identifying innovative applications of existing software to meet new data requirements.

Manatee Community College
Educational Specialist

Produced content and directed the development of digital audiovisual media material for use by college students. Cut thousands of dollars from budget through customizing existing hardware and software to meet the needs of students and administration. Trained students and faculty and offered technological solutions to audiovisual equipment needs.

University of South Florida
Audiovisual Specialist

Supervised a 17-member team in the maintenance and installation of classroom-based audiovisual equipment. Produced on-air material for campus television network.

School District of Manatee County
I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.
I have great ideas and am able to think outside of the box.

Manatee Community College
Associates, Computer Information Systems

Integration of microprocessor design and assembly language coding.

Manatee Community College
Associates, Electronics Engineering technology

Electronics Engineering technologies in commercial and professional equipment design and creation.

Certifications & licenses
Microsoft Certified Expert

Microsoft complete product expert. Only employees can attain this certification.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Product line Professional. Only employees can attain this certification.

Carpentry and Building Construction
Manatee Technical College

All phases of residential and commercial building Construction. Including blueprint reading/creation and job cost estimation.

  • Draftsman
  • Microsoft Office Trainer
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Adobe PDF Javascript
  • Adibe Acrobat Designer
  • BASIC Programming
  • Assembly Language Programming
  • PC (Printed Circuit) Board design and construction
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photo Shop
  • Programmable digital logic controllers (Ladder Logic)
Staffing and freelance

Mel is affiliated with the following companies:

  • Teksystems
Rosa Community Center

Train older folks develop basic computer skills to navigate online job applications and for their personal business. Also, to provide skills where grandparents could help young children with their computer based homework.


My primary career portfolio

More information

5 years experience of Project Management, 6 years experience in full lifecycles for 9 enterprise wide servers, 6 years of full deployment of mobile technologies including iOS, Android, Palm and various technologies.

I have a unique skill set whereby I can adapt to new technology very rapidly. I have a progressively proven training and technical writing portfolio where I can train virtually everything I administer from the lowest to professional levels.