Mary Ellen Tohidi
Blackwood, NJ 08012

I am Mary Ellen Tohidi I have a part time job I love for now. I am Event Specialist for a Warehouse Club I am fast enough to keep up with hundreds to thousands of samples in a 6 hour workday. I... show more


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Work experience
Crossmark Sales & Marketing
Event Specialist

Advantage Sales & Marketing
Event Specialist

The Acme Market Advantage Sales and Marketing has less modern ways of doing
there demos. They lock there supplies a a cabinet so there will be no stealing. There
is no refrigeration in there demos only ice in bowls, or throwing out the product
before it spoils. All Companies have demo boxes and papers to follow what there
clients want to do and how to display there products. ASM has a folding table with a
black table cloth with the logo Good Things in Store on them. The uniforms are
black and white. The ES mainly work by themselves 1 per store and no lead Event
Specialist at this Company. They sell items that Acme carries no services sales here.
They have 2 company credit card 1 food only 1 for things the company buys for demo
utensils , appliances, hand sanitizer etc. After giving out samples and selling
products, break down the table but things the ES used in demo. Go to the ASM web
site report there stores in there report store visit section.

Event Specialist ES

Short in the Walmart Division in Southern NJ, Gloucester
County NJ. Everyone has a home store they mostly work in, they do help out any
were they are needed to go. The Event Specialist job is to either give out food, non
alcoholic drinks samples to sell that clients product(s). The non food demo's are pet
food, cleaning supplies, appliances, and greeting cards etc. The service demo's are
savings catcher ( a service that prices matches the order after the sale) credit cards
and the Walmart movie service VUDU. The ES get assigned a client and there
product(s) on the Crossmark Sale Track. They look through the demo papers to see
what they are doing and what date they want it done on. When they get to the store
they have a demo box with instructions demo papers and supplies, disposable plates,
cups, souffle cups, forks, spoon,napkins,and disposable gloves. The box also has ads,
signs, coupons, recipes etc. The demo are performed on a rolling cart that gets set up
in the store. The ES cleans the cart and puts up any signage there is a banner is a
huge area that get lifted up during the demo sometimes has ads on it. The cart also
has side shelves that can be opened up to feature the client's product. Inside the cart
is a refrigerator for cold food demos. There is also knives, spatulas, tongs, serving
spoons, timer, thermometer to make sure meat and other items are at there correct
temperature. There are two size cutting boards 1 small 1 large. Any Appliances
need during the demo are in the backroom, microwaves, coffee makers, convection
ovens, multi cookers and George Forman grills. There is a portable sink that all ES
fill up with water in huge a jug and gets plugged in they use this sink to wash there
hands with soap during a demo. ES give out samples of the products and do a soft sell
for the product and hopefully people buy it. After the demo is done they clean up
the cart put away any product that was on the side shelves, throw out all ads and any
extra plates, cups, spoons forks. Put down banner and side shelves. Any untensils and
appliances are cleaned in the sink with both soap and sanitizer and dried with
paper towel and put away either in the carts or huge clear plastic bins in the
backroom. When the ES gets home they go on Sales Track on the computer. Report
Store Visit. Answers all questions about demo. Say if they scan in and out at the
demo to make sure they were in the store. What amount was put on the company
credit card to purchase the client product for the demo and any paper towels and
clear tape. There is a confirmation number they write on the demo papers. The demo
paper should be kept 3 months. Then they can be thrown out.

I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.
I am cheerful, kind, polite, and interested in what others have to say.
I put my best effort into everything I do.
Bergen Community College
Associates, Hotel Restaurant Management

Park Ridge High School
High School, General Studies
  • Crafts, sewing, handy man at my house I did my sidewalk 3 times already. Made a homemade laundry drying line.