Mark Welch
Safety Professional

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Work experience
Eaton Steel Bar Company
Corporate Safety Director

Hired to champion the EHS program, lower incident rates and correct various safety related issues within 7 plant locations with positive results. Conducted all day to day duties within the HSE areas which included but not limited to: *Initiating a proactive safety culture to involve all employees on every level. *Started a company wide / employee based safety audit program which helped employee involvement. *Created a communication platform showing all needed safety items to be addressed, locations, dates, and person to complete as to hold employees, supervisors and plant mgmt accountable. *Oversaw all incident investigations with corrective actions. *Conducted / documented plant wide safety audits with various plant mgmt. *Helped engineering personnel with regards to new machinery installation, proper safety guarding, training and hazard recognition for manufacturing setting. *Involved with any Governmental related items such as MIOSHA visits, city certifications and/or court hearings. *Participated in safety committee meetings reviewing all safety areas including leading/lagging goals and incident rates. *Many other duties not listed included areas of training, documentation and overseeing other EHS employees. *Multi tasking required daily.

Vesuvius / BMI
Great Lakes Regional Safety Manager

Hired on directly from contract company (AM Health and Safety) to continue overseeing HSE duties at multiple locations *Worked with Vesuvius NAFTA Safety Manager and other corporate management to initiate and sustain the corporate safety strategy 'Safety Breakthrough', which helped lower incident / injury rates and created a workplace safety culture. This included training company employees on proper safety auditing, hazard recognition, pre job safety talks and other various job related safety procedures.
*Conduct all duties within day to day activities within the HSE areas. Many applicable items include, but not limited to:
Use of various safety based programs such as Behavior Based Safety Process Safety Management, knowledge of vehicle safety and DOT compliance, hazard analysis, risk assessment, proper PPE, respiratory protection, lockout / tagout, confined space, body harness / tie offs, ladders /scaffold / fall protection, proper use of power tools, machine safety, safe operating procedures, all completed at company sites and / or client jobsites such as Marathon Oil, Severstal Steel, US Steel, AK Steel, Arcelor Mittal, Alcoa, Air Products among other safety areas / concerns (*see all AM Health and Safety duties below).
*Complete all necessary Environmental testing submit needed reports in a timely manner for needed locations. Perform GHS training for all needed locations within my region, discuss SDS documents, proper material handling/ppe use. *Conduct safety inspections / audits and observations within all aspects of job procedures. Document and review all findings w/ personnel and correct any problems. *Schedule, arrange, and document any and all required training.
*Initiate, report, correct and document all incident / injury investigations. *Track and report all health and safety trends / progress at monthly safety mtgs. *Document accomplishments and provide feedback to all employees / mgmt. *Manages the safety program established for contractors and sub-contractors. *Multi tasking required daily.

AM Health and Safety
Safety Coordinator

Contracted into Vesuvius / BMI Refractory - Riverview, MI office. *Received promotion and managed Safety at (2) offices - Riverview, MI and Lorain, OH. *Recordable / Incident rate extremely lowered with limited Lost Work Time incidents. *Comply and work with any and all OSHA related regulations and inspections. *Completed any Workmen's Compensation Insurance needs. *Conducted and completed all safety and health related matters within the day-to-day business. *Anticipate, identify, evaluate and control hazardous conditions and practices. *Conducted all types of safety training including OSHA 10hr and 30 hr safety classes. *Conducted safety inspections, audits and write observations.

(Cont. AM Health and Safety)
*Helped implement and coordinate a safety plan for 2007-2011. *Conducted and documented monthly
safety committee meetings. *Recommended various ways of reevaluating safety issues that need to be addressed.
*Constantly communicated all incidents / investigations / results to Mgmt and employees. *Wrote and posted all new and upgraded Safe Job Procedures. *Properly monitored all safety / inspection paperwork for various jobs.

Customs and Border Protection Officer

Completed all physical, academic, and medical training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA. * Worked within the Customs and Immigration areas of the International terminals of San Francisco Airport. Contributed to daily updates on all safety and security procedures. * Interacted with the public on a daily basis with a positive and upbeat manner. * Conducted proper document / security inspections according to CBP regulations.
* Responded to medical emergencies when needed within Customs area.

Wayne State UniversityWayne State University
Env. Health Haz. Material MgmtOccupational Safety/Industrial Hygiene

Madonna University, MI Schoolcraft Community College
Bachelors, Occupational Safety / Fire ScienceLiberal Arts and Fire Technology