Marilia Lopez
Atlanta, GA 30340

I have been working in public health since 1990 . My job worked in coordination with public health programs inside Honduras as a city or group of cities. The Public Health Department of Honduras... show more


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Work experience
Public health in Honduras, central American
Quantum University
Doctorate, PhD and Doctorate in Integrative Medicine

I can send a transcript from University

Faculdade de Medicina da UFMG BRAZIL
Doctorate, Physician MD

Two year of basic ( genetic and evolution, mycrobiology, cytology and histology, embryology, anatomy, pharmacology biophysic, physiological chemistry, physiology, pathology, medical pharmacology)
Four years medical (immunology, farmacology, neurophysiology, microbiology, patology , neuroanatomy, parasitology, medical sociology, hospital practices, Surgery & Anesthesiology, pathological Anatomy Statistics, Behavior Sciences applied to health, Clinical pathology, Radiology, Evaluation of prevalent Nosology, clinical lab, diagnostic of Community Health

Herzing University
Bachelors, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Health Care Minor

I have a Official transcript if it is necessary.

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua
Masters, Master Epidemiology

Biostatistics 1, 2 and 3, Scientific research 1, 2 and 3, Epidemiology 1,2 and 3, demography, health and environment 1 and 2, management and administration of health care centers, Epidemiology of diseases trasmisibles, Epidemiology of diseases not trasmisibles, Social Epidemiology, Nosocomic diseases, documentation and information in health , practices clinic and comunitary. Thesis about VIH/AIDS.

Certifications & licenses
Physician of the year 2012
Association of medical doctors of Southern Honduras

Recognition for my work as a physician in Shouthern

Medical doctor
Colegio medico de Honduras

Document necessary to practice medicine in Hondras

Private Clinic ( San Marco's de Colon- Honduras)
General practice MD

Practice of medicine adult , children , delivery babies ( before start the government clinic ), small surgery, prevent medicine.

Lions club
Volunteer service

Collaboration in the organization of clinic for children from poor communities. Focus in identify malnutrition children.