Manisha Jones
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Work experience
Amazon flex
Independent Contractor

Providing fast and efficient delivery to customers via an online ordering application; Responding to
delivery request notifications immediately and accepting task; Pick up and transport of orders to
designated location; Communicating with dispatch and customers to update on location or difficulties
with transaction; Maintaining a friendly and professional demeanor with customers and service reps.;
Paying close attention to detail and customer preferences within order; Time management of multiple
orders and destinations.

Gohealth Urgent Care- Clinic
Medical Assistant

Urgent medical care in a fast paced setting; exam room cleaning and maintenance, using OSHA and
MSDS standards; Restocking and taking inventory of medical supplies; Patient greeting and check-
in; Compassionately preparing patients explaining what to expects as visit progresses, establishing
trust and minimizing discomfort, Scheduling same day office visits via web-based appointment
request site, as well as accepting walk-ins, Applying insurance eligibility information via online patient
information form record; Payment collection; Advising patients of insurace, self pay options, and
alternative resources; Frequent retrieval and follow up of voicemail messages; Coordination of care
via phone and fax, HIPAA compliant; Briefly Summarizing patient complaint, noting any abnormal
vital ranges, or health concerns to on duty physician to maintain steady patient flow, and intuitively
preparing appropriate medical analysis tools, corresponding with patient complaint. Completed
follow up calls list daily to ensure every patient is satisfied with care; Closing out and balancing daily
payment transactions; trained new staff on application procesess and clinical procedures with patience
and adapting to trainee learning style, Accrued ample overtime and extended work hours; Off duty
communication with colleagues to assist team with questions, concerns, updates, or staff coverage
needs via WhatsApp.

Independent Contractor

Sharing personal vehicle with the community, Operating mobile application, Responding to passenger
pick up requests, Transporting passengers to desired location, Greeting Passengers, Providing
exceptional customer service, Establishing a friendly and sociable demeanor with each passenger,
Assisting passengers with luggage and other cargo, Providing snacks and an environment in which
passengers can feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe; Navigating via mobile map application, Use of
geographical knowledge to transport, Abiding by traffic laws; Maintaining service and cleanliness of
vehicle; Communication with support team via email or phone when necessary to resolve issues;
Orientate new drivers to Lyft experience; Inspection of new driver vehicles; Rating and critiquing of
new drivers via mobile application.

Practice Coordinator

Coordination of surgery and clinical schedule, patient registration, patient
check-in, corresponding to patient requests via email, phone, and fax; Document compilation, data
entry, chart maintenance, scanning, Verifying insurance; Checking patient eligibility; high call volume;
Work queue
maintenance; Scheduling and Registration; POS Payment Collection; Referrals and Authorization
preparation; Apex and Epic EHR systems

BAART Programs- Primary care/Urgent Care clinic
Medical Assistant

Patient check-in, Scheduling appointments; Pulling and filing charts; Chart compilation; Billing;
Cashiering, Verification of patient eligibility; Advising patients of insurance options and resources;
Receptionist, Voicemail; Corresponding to medical record requests via fax; Confirming medical
documentation; Gathering patient records and forms; Bookkeeping; Scanning and e-mail.

General Hospital
Clerical Assistant

File maintenance: pulling patient charts, filing charts, document compilation; Secure patients'
transportation from ENT office to various assigned units; Oversaw unit supply and equipment demand;
Inventory restocking and rotating; Standard Safety Precautions and Procedures; HIPAA

Medical Assisting Intern

Verification of patient records to ensure proper identity; Recording of vital sign results; Reporting of
vital ranges; Vaccinations via intramuscular injection; TB testing via intradermal injection; Over 50
blood draws; Glucose finger stick testing; Urinalysis; EKG, Assisting with sterile catheter and IV
insertion; Safe
patient and specimen transportation; Restocking of medical supplies; Daily cleaning of exam rooms
and equipment; Answering telephones; Patient greeting and telephones; Pulling Charts; Front Desk
training and
execution; Faxing; e-mail; Medical schedule and database software execution; Confirmed Patient
Preparing daily physicians schedule

Jelani House INC
Childcare Worker

Supervision and exceptional care of 4-6 infants within a nursery setting i.e. feeding, changing, and
Created and implemented an age-appropriate curriculum to aid in infant development program;
weekly with parents regarding infant's progress; Oversaw nursery and equipment maintenance to
ensure infant
health and safety; Fundraising to secure funding for educational excursions; Coordinated activities to
promote bonding between parent and child; Professional training dealing with trauma exposed clients

AC Square

Provided superior customer service to clients, guests, and colleagues; Logistics and distribution of
service routes for twelve technicians via Nextel radio technology; Extended Technical support to
customers over the phone;
Closed out work orders and updated information for ACSR customer accounts; Schedule management
and data
entry; Confirmed customer's appointments and analyzed cable box issues

AT Broadband

Managed 16 technician and installer workloads daily, distributed service routes, and maintained work
order status updates through ACSR application and telephony service database, provided customer
service and technical support to clients via lan line; Reduced unnecessary work orders by analyzing
common service code errors before tech arrival; assisted technicians with cable box activations,
service and promotional coding; Remote programming, and troubleshooting tasks, via Nextel radio
communication; Multitasking multiple radio and Dispatcher workloads to support team when
understaffed; Problem solving in difficult situations; Documenting customer encounters thoroughly for
proper follow up

I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.
I am truthful and believable.
I am able to adapt to new requirements, situations, or environments.

Bay Area Medical Academy

City College of San Francisco
Early Childhood Development
Certifications & licenses
Microsoft Office
Mission language and vocational School

After completing classes in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and a typing speed test received certificate for completing Microsoft Office app training

Medisoft office certificate
Mission language and vocational School

Completed training in electronic health record applications

  • Typing
  • Accurate Cash/ Credit Card Handling
  • Broad Medical Terminology
  • Defensive driver training
  • Proper Delivery Authorization
  • Electronic health record
  • Filing
  • Reception
  • Communication skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Logistics