LInda Foos
CANBY, OR 97013

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Work experience
Opportunity West

I worked with people had problems paying their bills. One man I volunteered for was a client from 2004 to 2016. I was appointed Rep Payee by Social Security and received the clients check to pay their bills and give the clients their spending money.

El Cerrito Royale

I cared for two ladies with dementia. The job consisted of making sure the ladies did not wander away from the facility.It was a challenge when one wanted to go one and the other another way. I really enjoyed this job because it showed me first hand about dementia.

Opportunity West
Program Manager

I was a volunteer with Opportunity West before I was the Program Manager. I was asked if I would like to become Program Manager and said yes. I spent one year learning thew ins and outs of the job. Some of the duties included recruiting volunteers and clients and getting the word out about the program. There was many trips to Social Security. on January 2, 2012 the owner of Opportunity West came in and said the program had run out of money and I was out of a job. Unfortunately many things had to be done before I could close up shop such as closing checking accounts we had for clients and working with Social Security to make sure the clients got their funds back. I also continued back as a volunteer to help clients manage their Social Security. It was the best job I ever had because I met many wonderful people.

El Cerrito Royale