Kimberly Britt
Greeneville, TN 37745

Hello my name is Kimberly Britt. I am a mother of four and love spending time with my family. I am a self employed caregiver house keeper and babysitter. I am willing to do the best at all... show more


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Work experience

I started working for myself in 2008 Because I had been out of work with a complicated pregnancy and tried online school. This still is something of interest however im temporarily on forbarrence to help provide for my family My great aunt needed someone to care for her and I needed the income.. I started sitting with the eldel for a couple reasons one,I work low income based because I understand how hard it is to pay for a good help with our being taken advantage of. I WORKED 10-12 He's a day 6 days a week for only $175 a week . My duties was just to watch over Mrs. Sutherland prepare her meals help up and down when needed clean the home dust,mop,dishes,and laundry when needed. I was also given the choice to eat with her or even bring my small baby with me. So very lenient but those as well. Since she passed away I've mainly continued the babysitting but haven't gotten any other clients like this. I have 4/5 that clean for 1-2 Times a week.

House keeper
Private individuals I'll be happy to give names and numbers for you to contact.
Babysitter / House keeper
House keeper
Everest university Phoenix online
Certificate, Criminal justice

I have put this on hold in forbarrence due to financial reasons.

Greenville Greene County Youth Football Association
Peew are league head cheer coach

My family was in rhis organization for 3 years and I had 3 boys in the league as players and my daughter cheered. We enjoyed it but due to the overwhelming amount of time it consumed it was interfering with the youngest child grades. This year wr decided to sit it out and concentrate on grades.