Kevin Johnson
Chemical assembler
Pemberton, NJ 08068

Laid back/hard working

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Work experience
PPG Aerospace
Chemical Filler

Make and measure airplane sealants for military and commercial planes; used scales to weigh and mix
ingredients to the letter; labeled and filled out paperwork to ship products to customers

Amazon Fulfillment Center
Picker/Warehouse Loader

Drove forklift to load/unload products, used hand jack to do similar duties; picked products in a fast moving
environment for various customers ordering from Amazon

Mohawk Electrical Systems
Electronic Assembler

Assembles claymore mines for the US Navy; Solder Blast Caps for Natural Gas Companies; makes Bridge
wire, and Ordnance Products; cable and harness products; and also has molded elastomeric products

Walmart Supercenter
Food/Meat Department Specialist

Responsible for unloading the delivery truck with a Forklift; priced and separated weekly sales in the
department; break down, and separated pallets of product on a daily basis

Dentsply Caulk
Chemical Compounder

Made dental products which include tooth gel; denture white caps; used scale measurements, general math
and percentages were used to mix and measure products; was introduced to the product Esthex which was
used as restorations on teeth

Eastern Aluminum Supply of VA

Drove building products to various contractors throughout Virginia, and North Carolina areas. Dispatch,
and setup deliveries for other drivers. (Class A L)

Ppg aerospace
Chemical filler
Amazon fullifillment center
Caesar Rodney High School
High School
  • Forklift certified