Kenneth Myers

I'm currently an assistant store manager at a major auto parts store. i would welcome the opportunity to get back in the field of automotive consultancy.


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Work experience
Service Consultant

Greet and document customers concerns about their vehicle
*Prepared and handled 15 to 25 repair orders daily.
*Advise customers about necessary service for routine maintenance and pending repairs also charges they would incur.
*Help identify mechanical problems by asking the customer as well as conducting a visual inspection on vehicle.
*Advised customers about inspection results and apprised customer of recommend corrective procedures, and prepare work order for needed repairs.
*Gave a detailed explanation of work performed.
*Handled customer complaints with satisfactory results.

Service Manager

Conducted weekly briefings and bi-monthly presentations to inform employer of the fixed operations departments process
*Processed manufactures warranties with a very high successful rate of approval
*Scheduled tasks to include keeping records of technicians work hours.
*Trained and coached automotive personnel individually or in groups to improve productivity and efficiency resulting in increased CSI scores
*Trained personnel to diagnose and correct and overcome any problematic concerns in the automotive service department.
*Responsible and monitored budgets for fixed based operations

Fixed Operation Consultant

Trained employees on several effective ways to handle customer relation issues
*Evaluate team and individual performance dealerships to increase efficiency as well as established goals.
*Assessed service advisors on effectiveness using a series of assessment programs.
*Have written and published service instructional programs for automotive dealerships.
*Trained personnel to increased productivity and profitability in both the service drive and service department
*Trained parts department personnel on parts inventory phase in/out criteria, price matrixes, source pricing, wholesale compensation, monitor special orders and all other parts department function.

Fixed Operations Director

Outlayed plans and setup a vehicle customization shop.
*Setup and organized the work flow in the service department
*Setup a fabrication facility to build customized Jeeps. It increased capacity from two Jeeps a week to five to seven a week, depending on build configuration
*Recruited potential employees
*Created a budget, cut irresponsible spending and created a monthly profit and loss report for general manager.
*Controlled and monitored payroll for twenty-four fixed operations personnel
*Increased awareness to customer of maintenance service and repairs

Fixed Operation and Finance/Insurance Training Specialist; Auto/Mate Dealership Management SystemsTravelled throughout the United States and trained automotive personnel on the use of dealership software we installed
*Advised and tailored the software for maximum use at dealerships
*Provided technical phone support from call center.
*Provided for follow-up training and consultation as needed.
*Constructed specialized reports to meet the request of clients
*Modified as needed the training curriculum for better client understanding
*As needed and requested, trained clients on their job duties to enhance proficiency.

Assistant Store Manager

Assist customers in the purchase of automotive items
*Monitor the P statement and make correction as needed to improve profitability
*Schedule personnel shift assignments
*Manage and control the store operations
*Assist the commercial sales department in obtaining new customers

Community College of the Air Force; Maxwell AFB
Associates, Aircraft Systems Maintenance Technology

Empire State College
Bachelors, Business Management/Human Resources