Evangelist Sam
Shawnee KS, KS 66203

I am an Evangelist, and my called mission is to touch a lot of lives through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to working with individuals, Churches or Christian... show more


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Work experience
Redeemed Christian Church of God Int'l

Christ Embassy
Choir Leader

Key Performance Areas:
Leading the Church Choir

First Baptist Church

Key Performance Areas:
Studying Biblical Theology

Assistant Pastor

Key Performance Areas:
Website: www.usmofficial.com
E-mail: info.usmofficial.com
Leading prayers
Lecturing computer science

I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.
I am self-assured in my skills and talents, and I'm willing to take on challenges and risks.
I am truthful and believable.

Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Masters, Pursuing MA in Theology Studies (MATS)

I am just enrolling into Central Baptist Theological Seminary for my Master programme

Grace Fountain of Life Theological Bible Institute (GFLTBI)
Bachelors, Biblical Theology
Associates, Diploma in Biblical Theology
Grace Fountain of Life Theological Bible Institute (GFLTBI)National Universities Commission, Abuja (Computer School)Mbawuar Secondary School
Biblical Theology
Certifications & licenses
Kelvin Sam
Grace Fountain of Life Theological Bible Institute

I obtained a BA Degree in Biblical Theology with ordination and license. I also have Diploma in Computer Science: document processing with experience in secretary services. A recording gospel singer and a minister of the word of God.

  • Community Work Experience
  • Information Technology
  • Graphic Design
  • Healing ministration
  • Deliverance Ministration
  • Singing
  • Comunication
  • Document Processing
  • Humaitarianism
  • Virtual Art
  • Digital marketing
  • Website development
  • Lecturing
  • Pastoral work
  • Event organism
  • Dream and interpretation
Universal Synagogue Ministries (USM) I Evangelist Kelvin-Klean T.Y.S.

Prayers, Awareness Campaign against Drug abuse, Violent, Divorce & other vices. Join us; Let us give our love, care, inspiration/ motivation, education & strength to the less privilege. It could be your smile, food, water or word of encouragement. Someone needs what you have for their survival.

More information

I am Evangelist Kelvin-Klean T.Y.S. I grew up in a Christian home where my parent were from a protestant denomination. As an obedient child I had to pass through the training of the local Church where I was lately baptized, since I was not baptized when I was at infant stage, according to their doctrines of sprinkling of water on some once forehead. I never had the good opportunity to be fully saved in Christ Jesus until when I grew up to an adult age where I was to be responsible of my success or failure in life. I began to search for God the more to fill the spiritual vacuum in my heart. That was when I got encountered with Jesus Christ our only Lord and Savior. I started sneaking from home to attend Charismatic churches crusades and Sunday services till I came to realize that the claim from my parent that Charismatic churches are into occultism is not actually true and I fully accepted biblical teaching of the Charismatic and started learning and making research more till date where I am today. My research journey also passes through Roman Catholic. I began understand the meaning and reason of the strange force experience following me right from young. I use to be jerking much in my body when I encounter the spirit of God. It was lately when the spirit of God lead me to understand that I Have a special calling into the body of Christ. The spirit of God leads me to many churches to serve and learn and I was baptized the right way by sinking me into the water when I entered Temple Baptist Institute of USA, Africa branch to study Biblical Theology. God specifically review to me to follow the Ministry of Prophet TB Joshua lately and I will have to carry on my ministry which spiritually connects to Him. I have studied and learned a lot from him which has impacted me. May God take all the glory. I am filled with the Spirit of God and God uses me a times to pray and heal the Mad and the sick once in Jesus Mighty name. To me Christianity is a Journey with God which the reward is at the end of the journey. I go to church because the scripture says despise not the gathering of saints and to serve God also to deliver my God given duties. Because of Jesus salvation on the cross for me and the Calling He has for me to serve into the body of Christ, Church is part of me and inside of me in the Temple of God. I live for God and I am here on earth for this assignment of God upon my life. I can’t separate myself from assignment of God, so, I cannot separate myself from Church or Christianity. God is good in all ways and I love God. Today I am a stable Christian in faith but willing to study more that is while I seriously wish to be enrolled on Scholarship to school with Fuller so that I can affect lives more in the body of Christ. This is the reason while I am living for Him and I will leave this world someday to be with in Him in Jesus Mighty name Amen.