Juan Rivas
Director Organization Development and Training

As the Director of Organization Development and Training at Twentieth Century Fox responsible for the design, implementation and management of a variety of learning and OD initiatives throughout... show more

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Work experience
The Walt Disney Company
Training Director

The Walt Disney Company officially acquired 20th Century Fox on 3/20/19 and am now working in the OD COE.
• Leading the organizational design strategy for all 2500 Fox contingent and non-regular employees. The project will impact Disney’s post-acquisition synergy savings and drive labor forecasting for the next 3 years
• Developing COE strategy for harnessing and recruiting enterprise OD talent for the Disney gig economy project.

20th Century Fox
Director of Organizational Development and Training

Implemented nimble strategies to bring the best out of every team member creating a culture of high-performance, people development, innovation, and collaboration. Advanced learning, growth, and developmental initiatives by taking the company’s vision and core values and turning them into a comprehensive framework for self-development.
• Lead designer for a four-pillar development program designed to help employees career path during Disney transition. 4000 employees were empowered to face the new reality and take control of their future.
• Coached and mentored FoxNext tech executives through a 360-process giving tough but supportive feedback. Follow on meetings demonstrated leader’s growth in self-awareness and increased team engagement.
• Developed and delivered intact team and company-wide change management workshops to support the transition during Disney’s acquisition. Collaborated with senior management to create action steps that helped focus and enhance performance levels during company transition.
• Impacted the career growth of over 1500 employees annually through the strategic scheduling and facilitating of open enrollment courses designed to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as business acumen.
• Increased internal consulting capacity by coaching five team members in facilitation and curriculum design.

Comcast/NBCUniversal, Manager of Talent Development

Managed Best in Class corporate university operations creating from scratch distinct long-tailed blended learning programs using new technologies and shared platforms. Developed over 4000 global employees from executives to individual contributors building a leadership pipeline for the future. Consulted on performance management, change management and talent review. Lead 4 direct reports.
*Garnered executive sponsorship for six employee development initiatives by building strong relationships with C-suite stakeholders and leveraging their expertise to align objectives to critical business needs.
*Partnered with business unit leaders and HR to deliver customized employee engagement strategies based on employee survey results, 360 feedback and training needs assessments.This strategy raised enterprise-wide employee engagement survey scores year-over-year.
*Increased leader's financial acumen by developing a premier financial literacy program. In partnership with 15 CFO's, delivered entertainment business strategy webinars bi-annually to over 500 senior leaders.
*High impact on diversity while serving as a mentor to eight employee resource groups (ERG's). Facilitated marketing strategy workshops for ERG leaders increasing their group's voice and visibility within the company.

Southern California Edison
Senior Leadership Development Program Manager

Directed the strategy, design, development and delivery of leadership and organizational programs using a 70/20/10 approach so that SCE had the developmental capabilities to meet current and future business objectives.
*Delivered "learning culture" strategy to the Executive Learning Council by leveraging workforce analytics to support long-tailed programmatic approach as opposed to typical one-off training. Convinced C-suite leaders to implement an academy leadership program focusing on new and emerging leaders to change culture from within.
*Collaborated with IT client to develop strategic change management communication plans for impending layoffs. Messaging directly impacted retained staff and afforded them tools to manage changing landscapes.

Haploos LLC
Learning and Development Consultant

Led, coached and trained a team of seven consultants on two change management projects designed to help clients maintain health, safety and environmental (HSE) compliance standards while undergoing cultural shifts. Managed the executive expectations, design, content, implementation, sustainment and combined $7.1 million-dollar budget.
*Reduced project costs by 15%. Isolated key business problems to determine actual scope and leveraged existing processes. This strategy successfully had influence on client buy-in and raised ROI by 23%
*Exceeded organizational training goals and HSE requirements by partnering with 11 business units and implementing standardized training processes. This fostered open communications creating a training COE leveraged by each area and increasing their capacity to train more employees to industry proficiency levels.
*Increased employee engagement. Improved the safety culture through the development and facilitation of leadership coaching, safety, and change management workshops for senior leaders.
*Established post-project evaluation survey finding the experiential training was successful in the company wide increase of hazards reporting and accident mitigation by 23%.

Training Manager/Facilitator

responsible for maintaining the organizational readiness of an 1100-person unit and member of the Leadership Center of Excellence (COE) for the US Navy. Responsible for $1million training budget while managing seven direct reports and a matrixed team of thirteen trainers.
*Drove enterprise-wide impact with a redesign of the Navy's leadership development doctrine. The new policy put the onus on local commanders to develop their own leaders keeping them closer to their job and reducing T
*Increased operational readiness from 53% to 92% over a one-year period with 15% budget savings executing a workforce strategy for short and long-term organizational objectives.
*Strategically re-planned annual training objectives when deployment departure was unexpectedly bumped up by 90 days. Mapped succession plans for 25 critical roles ensuring unforeseen departures did not affect readiness.
*Exceeded all governmental regulations by revamping and then delivering a compliance-training program covering sexual harassment, EO, hazardous material, electrical safety, radiation safety, MSDS and OSHA mandates.
*Managed the performance management process and implemented strategies that increased promotions by 27%.
*Onboarded 250 people yearly through a comprehensive curriculum designed to acclimate new members to "life at sea" while also increasing basic skills scores (Math/English) necessary to obtain stretch assignments.
*Instrumental in the learning and development of future front-line leaders. Facilitated over 3000 contact hours and trained 1500 students in leadership and diversity courses maintaining an 80% promotion rate.
*Coached the professional growth and development of 20 direct reports certifying them all as Master Trainers creating a period of unprecedented bench strength and reducing instructor burnout.

American Military University
Masters, Management

Excelsior College
Bachelors, Human Resource Management
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Executive Coach

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Linkage Change Management
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