Joey Seibert
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Work experience
Standup Lift Operator
TMD Staffing

Chesapeake Bay Candles Company
Pete's Papa's
American Furniture Rental
Forklift operator and associate at all Warehouse until my max hours or time ( 6 months) was up. Despite being liked by all companies listed, was always taken off Jobs before employers could buy me out of my Temporary position.

Crofton Piano company

Drove Box truck daily for deliveries and pick ups, Planned Delivery Routes*, Used Forklifts, Pallet Jack's for furniture movement. Communicate with customers on estimated cost of move, change prices when presented with new challenges.

TJX Warehouse

I used a forklift to take wrapped pallets of boxes and merchandise after it was initially sent thru the assembly line. Would take wrapped Pallets and store in Scaffolding sections of the warehouse until it was time for the order shipment to be double checked and scanned before loading pallet orders into a Freight Truck. Would use electronic pallet Jacks to transfer shipments to scales to be weighted, and then eventually load them into Freight Trucks.

Baltimore sympathy Orchestra
Stage-managing Assistant

I became the youngest permanent contracted employee ever on payroll, worked behind the scenes to set up all the shows and events. Worked in Iatse 19 warehouse. Picking and Packing loading and unloading trucks. Forklift Certification, Electric Pallet jack, standing fofklift

Warehouse selector/Lift operator

Perform safety checks on forklift or pallet jack (Pallet Jack nearly always) . Go to order station and pick up customer orders and plan fastest route around warehouse to receive orders, pick items on order sheet and strategically place on pallet, wrap completed orders and label, take orders to designated truck to load or area to drop.

SPHSSeverna Park HighAnne Arundel Community College