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Pretty cool Joe.... seems like we took the same career path.......Recruited when I sophomore in high school into the Air force... spent my 18th birthday in Lackland...4 years plucked by Raytheon to...

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Work experience

Engineering Process Lead, Excellence in Delivery (EID)
Key staffer on the Standard Operating Framework - Engineering (SOF-E) implementation core team.
*Developed/updated process guidance (including engineering and project management instructions) and training materials. Focused training on the end-to-end, cross-function approach to solving problems before they develop, creating the needed plans/procedures aimed at methodologies to facilitate coordinated efforts.
*Planned and conducted 16-week training and hands-on workshops at local facilities, and coordinated follow-on sustainment efforts at already-trained facilities. Emphasized Product Assurance as the key to successful development, manufacturing and delivery.
*Analyzed local processes, recommending changes to adapt them as necessary to ensure readiness for implementation of the upcoming Corporate-wide Oracle ERP system.
*Assigned as a Process Lead with special focus on Project/Program Management. Acted as overall Team point of contact for Risk Management (RM), including preparation of the RM training deck and operational management of the SOF-E Risk Register.

Program Manager

Led the largest single project in the Company, employing 150 people, 135 of which were stationed at sites around Afghanistan and Iraq, installing and maintaining a variety of counter-IED systems as well as advanced, computer-aided Base entry-control systems.
*Managed more than half of the entire corporation's personnel strength and responsible for more than $50M per year in revenue and order-bookings.
*Hired to bring processes and procedures to the company, where virtually none had existed prior. Immediately established financial and schedule monitoring tools that enabled the Army customer (Picatinny Arsenal) to extend the performance period of the baseline contract.
*Oversaw growth of personnel count by almost 80% in three months.

Senior Program Manager

Facility Manager for equipment integration / prototype development and fabrication shop earning $1.5M per year. Supervised 12 electronics, mechanical technicians and related support personnel (including three system designers / project leaders).
*Managed work of three network software engineers, and a system operator and maintainer on a security network supporting the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
*Project Managed another 20 people (of various skill sets) on 12 different projects, billing out $3.5M per year.
*Led the efforts that garnered an ISO9000 certification for the facility in Neptune.

Program Manager

Responsible for several key cross-functional R and production programs involving military products. Customers included both Government-direct and a major aerospace prime contractors. Managed both corporate staff and major subcontract suppliers.
*Took over troubled hardware/software integration (involving a parallel black-box production run and an advanced crypto development subcontract with Harris) and ensured deliveries met customer's newly-aggressive timetable while earning higher-than-average profits on both jobs (15% vs. 10%), earning special praise from Northrop-Grumman.
*Managed two $1M+ development projects, meeting schedule and cost goals on both projects - including one (software development of next-generation radio modem) which was one of three Company-wide projects which led to DRS obtaining corporate CMMI Level 5 certification.


Hired to penetrate into untapped marketplace represented by Lucent Technologies, to sell wireless (principally cell phone tower and base-station, including in-building networks) hardware.
*Analyzed market for RF front-end equipment, including antennas, cables and related systems for cellular/PCS base stations. Recommended down-select opportunities for customer systems.
*Identified and began pursuit of two new opportunities with a first-year business potential in excess of $4M.

Senior Product Manager

Located business opportunities and led teams of hardware/software engineers and other personnel to write proposals for competitive procurements. Program-managed technology-demo contracts and created and "sold" technology roadmap for internal R
*Led cross-functional efforts which resulted in an $18M CECOM contract to expand the next-generation Link-16 design program to include Army needs. Developed the supporting R roadmaps and budgets.
*Kept the $180M Army JTIDS program alive despite repeated Government budget threats to its existence.
*Opened up the Army helicopter market by bringing in a $9M contract from TRW for the first phase of R for Link 16 in the Comanche helicopter.

Product Line Manager

Handled business development of strategic packet switched networks and tactical communications (principally HF radio and cryptographic equipment) including leadership of cross-functional proposal and R teams. Developed HF Radio strategic plan (including technical roadmaps and customer-contact planning), which led to first business-win, allowing entry into a previously unidentified Market. Identified and began pursuit of two major programs which became the largest business targets in Division at the time (worth more than $250M in bookings over five year outlook).

U.S. AIR FORCE - 10 years

Communications-Electronics Staff Officer

last assignment was as deputy program manager on the Mobile Headquarters delivery and activation. Developed the planning tools (PERT chart, task assignment listings, risk mitigation plans) that brought the system on-line on schedule. Wrote all communications annexes for war plans. At unit level managed all budgeting and acquisition of commercial communications products and services and coordinated receipts of General Fund earnings from commercial use of military communications assets.

Project Engineer

OfficeResponsible for all company technical and business activities in the NJ area, primarily involving on-site technical deployments, customer-interface activities on Fort Monmouth, and liaison activities with major aerospace primes. Identified and coordinated proposal that yielded the first major Production contract for the Company.

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Arizona State University