john Uhl
Stewartstown, PA 17363

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Work experience
LMTS - Land Managment Tree services
Ground crew

Operate and maintain chainsaws for debris removal.
*Clear all debris from job site.
*Maintain and run chipper for debris/mulch.
*Help Lower branches from houses when rigged to do so.

Data Intern

Maintained her health and living quarters.

Internet Help desk

Troubleshoot internet connectivity with customers over the phone, chat, email.
*Order modems, routers, filters or support software for the customer.
*Use up to five different types of programs at one time to further assist the customer, when dealing with modems, routers or internet issues.
*Accepting calls through a phone software application that allows me to transfer customers to their departments, if the trouble shooting goes beyond my scope.
*Always Maintain a quality demeanor when dealing with irate or normal customers.

Data Intern

Worked with access database to remove non-members in their directory.
*Created all back-end code, database, and forms for their website.
*Used server-side scripting language PHP to connect to sql server 2008 R2 to input information from a created form for users and withdraw information for users on their website
*Used PHP server-side scripting language PHP in conjunction with sql server 2008 R2 for markers to be placed on to Google maps API, for displayed address results and links.
*Used FileZilla Client and edit plus notepad software to create code, and to initiate pages created for the use with our server for their website.
*Made a search algorithm in PHP so clients can search for contracts/bids on the site.
*Created CSS for the web site so it could be rendered in all different browser configurations.