J Nault

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Work experience
Amazon, Business Intelligence Analyst

Launchpad manages 9-11 markets (it fluctuates), 3 revenue channels, multiple traffic channels, and products in nearly all categories.
Typical duties include:
* Creating and troubleshooting complex SQL queries
* Automating reporting data w/ Redshift, Excel Python
* MySQL data warehouse creation
* Redshift data warehouse creation
I deprecated our teams reporting process and replaced it with a Redshift data warehouse. New process gains achieved the smallest possible query run times (99% improvement), least amount of formulas (99.7% improvement), shortest possible processing time (98% improvement), smallest possible file size (66% improvement), and was entirely automated.
I also utilized Python to automate reporting and data pipelines. For example, I re-wrote a Data Engineer II's script to download all surveys in a Qualtrics account, decompress the contents, translate the contents from json to a data frame, analyze and optimize the column data types, and load the surveys to various tables in MySQL. The Python code will scale to include new surveys and skip deleted surveys.

Woot, Inc (Amazon subsidiary)
Data Conversion Specialist/Engineer

My first Amazon department before moving to Amazon Launchpad. Typical day included:
* SQL: querying and extracting data.
* Excel: - cleaning data- creating pivot table/graph reports
* VBA: creating custom functions for data cleaning; repairing proprietary VBA applications.
* Python: manipulating large datasets.

Expedia, Inc
Business Technical/Data Analyst

MS SQL: Extensively used SQL for querying data, analysis and testing; optimized department queries.
* MS Excel: daily pivot table reports; frequently used nested formulas and user designed formulas; troubleshooted and improved reports.
* VBA: custom tools for data analysis and report/query automation.
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university of washington
Bachelors, Business Administration
Certifications & licenses
MTA: Database Fundamentals

MTA: Software Development Fundamentals
MSOS: Microsoft Excel 2013
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • Redshift
  • Oracle
  • S3
  • python
  • vba
  • excel
  • sql
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