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As someone else who works in the game's industry. An illustrator is a great asset for any good company.

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Work experience
Game Artist

"Gopher Wrangler" for Fairway Solitaire. Designed, developed and nurtured signature gopher character McDivot and his supporting cast.
*Created large body of daily backgrounds featuring McDivot and friends based on rotating themes.
*Wrote, story boarded, animated and directed short cartoon vignettes.
*Created multiple in game animations and game assets.
*Maintained and helped organize catalogue of Fairway Solitaire art assets.
*Ambient animations for various hidden object games such as Mystery Case Files and Hidden Expedition titles.
*Illustrated hidden object backgrounds for multiple titles.
*Art lead for 2 Travelogue 360 game titles.

Microsoft Casual Games

Artist for Bicycle Texas Hold 'Em.
*Created UI (Flash Based).
*Designed and procured all art assets.

Amaze Entertainment, Inc

Designed and illustrated wizard cards for two Harry Potter titles (PC/Mac).
*Early concepts for creatures and characters for two Harry Potter games.
*Concepts for Blackship Games division
*Animation production for 10+ games including Rugrats, Magic School Bus and more.
*Background designs for 10+ children's games.

Brief Bio

An artist who loves story.
A digital illustrator with one foot in the traditional and a whimsical attitude. Brings a history of high profile properties and titles. Created and developed featured IP characters as well as worked with licensed intellectual properties. Awarded by professional peer organization, Cartoonists Northwest, for an outstanding body of work.

Jeff Willis Artist Portfolio

A website dedicated to my artist's portfolio. I hope you like it.