James Wilson
Engineering Manager - Automation
Cambridge, MA 02041
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Work experience
Jobcase, Inc.
Engineering Manager - Automation

-Create and implement QA process for small startup
-Create manual and automated test cases for functional, UI tests
-Execute manual and automated tests for multiple; daily deploys
-Agile/Kanban development cycles
-Participate in scrum planning sessions for rapid development cycles
-Work closely with Dev and PM for prioritization of new features and urgent production issues.
-Quality metrics and OKR deliverables
-Department Management
-Testrail and Test Case Management implementation
-Rapid test, merge, deploy cycles for multiple products with consistent (99%) SLA success rates

QA Engineer/QA Lead

-Participate in new to market product delivery Testcase and test process creation Led team of off- and on-shore QA Engineers to ensure timely test cycle and deliverable Automation Framework
-Participated in product improvement and product betterment
-Engaging Development into QA process and encouraging "buy-in" for quality processes
-Creating and implementing quality process
-Interviewing and hiring QA team-members
JIRA admin
Scrum Master training and SM duties
Load Impact
Daily code deploysOnshore and offshore testing team management

Taleo, inc
QA Engineer II

-Testing new to market Cloud-based product offering.
-Execution and Evaluation of automated tests andresults
-Plan and implement projects, testing cycles, resource allocation, and data delivery for new to market Talent Management solution

Authoria, inc
Sr. QA Engineer/ Performance Engineer/ Sr. Performance Engineer/ Performance Team Lead

-Lead a team of Performance Engineers for all product release cycles -Analysis of current and historical
results over life of product -Compilation and presentation of historical performance test data -Detailed
analysis of large numbers of data points to verify historical changes and impact of changes by engineering
teams -Authoring reports detailing product performance over time -Responsible for ensuring understanding
and comprehension of performance data by non- technical departments using primary data sources -
Execution and Evaluation of automated load tests and results -Plan and implement projects, testing cycles,
resource allocation, and data delivery for multi-site Performance Engineering Team Accomplishments: -
Met and exceeded all release goals -Met all deadlines and release dates -Evaluated and verified performance
for all product release -Numerous Stock awards and Cash bonuses for stellar performance, collaboration,
and exceptional integrity.

Academic Systems
Software Quality Assurance Analyst /QA Tester/QA Lead

-Testing CD-ROM based Learning Platform -Participation in the software development life-cycle. -Initiate
the creation/implementation of the SQA Test Plan documents. -Initiate and create Test Scripts and supervise
the implementation of scripts by testing crews of 4 to 13. -Work closely with Content Developers to devise
testing strategies for ensuring content accuracy. -Utilize the following Test Techniques: doc review, problem
recreation, requirements testing, regression testing, performance testing, exception testing, and preliminary
user testing in preventing and finding and reproducing issues. -Writing and implementation of test-plans,
test-cases, and project summaries. -Communicate with developers, engineers, and management to ensure on-
time release of product -Participate in development meetings and project meetings. -Interview prospective
SQA analysts -Black-box testing, Configuration testing, Performance and Load Testing, GUI testing, Web
testing, and Client-server testing -Excellent written and verbal skills.

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
Masters, IT-Data

Sonoma State University
Masters, History, US, Russian, and Labor

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