James McClain
Dayton, OH 45431

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Work experience
Forex and Futures Trader

Designing and executing winning trades in forex and futures markets

US Air Force, 46 Test Group
Flight Chief, Supervisory Aerospace Engineer

Appointed Flight Chief responsible for 46th Test Group's Landing Gear Test Facility (LGTF).
Effectively managed and directed a $5M/year Customer-focused test organization.
Accomplished many Customer test evaluation requirements to verify safety and
performance of various aircraft landing gear systems and components.
Led source selection teams to successful contract awards for professional and technical
services, and successfully led in the implementation of an enterprise-wide contract.
Led in the development of the 2011-2020 Strategic Plan for facility modernization to assure
relevance and effectiveness in meeting Air Force needs into the future.
Developed budgets and metrics, monitored financial and technical performance, and
directed adjustments to assure final customer objectives were satisfied.
Retired from Air Force service in January 2013.

US Air Force
Aerospace Engineer

Established LGTF as a 100% cost-reimbursed Test Evaluation facility within the DoD Major
Range and Test Facility Base infrastructure.
Partnered with others to successfully integrate LGTF into the 780th Test Squadron and led the
LGTF team in the adoption of 46th Test Wing business practices and culture.
Led the initial development and implementation of a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management
System for the LGTF test process and facility maintenance operation.

US Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Led all of Air Vehicles Directorate by establishing numerous Test Agreements and six separate
Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with industry partners, thereby
transitioning Air Force testing capabilities into the private sector and internationally.
Accomplished numerous RDT efforts including F-22 nose landing gear shimmy test, F-15E
shimmy damper demonstration test, F-16 electric brake flight demonstration test.
Led in the certification of a new commercial tread tire for the Space Shuttle Orbiter.

US Air Force, Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Journeyman Mechanical Engineer

Independently analyzed problems, interpreted results and established research and
advanced development plans and objectives to demonstrate feasibility in the area of
advanced landing gear systems for future flight vehicles.
Led the development of advanced concepts and designs for Rough Short Field Landing
Gear. Demonstrated an advanced landing gear technology for the F-16 aircraft.
Managed the Space Shuttle Carbon Brake Verification test program for NASA Johnson
Space Center. Accomplished facility modifications and test article installation, development
and documentation of test procedures, and conducted a Facility Readiness Review for
NASA program managers and their Contractors.

US Air Force, Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Junior Mechanical Engineer

Planned and conducted exploratory development efforts in the area of aircraft landing gear
with primary emphasis on stored energy systems for reduced takeoff ground roll and rough
field systems for improved aircraft performance on rough runway and compacted soil

Butler County Government
Construction Worker

Worked with experienced carpenters and stone masons to remodel and rebuild aging
County Government infrastructure, including the two century-old County Courthouse.

McClain Auto Brokers
Small Business Owner-Operator

Represented prospective new car clients through a brokerage service to purchase new cars
for personal use at fleet prices through a selected network of auto dealers throughout
western Pennsylvania.

Pennzoil Penreco Division
Research Analyst

Developed a predictive mathematical model for optimization of filtrate yields for USP-quality,
FDA-compliant pharmaceutical petrolatum products.

Penn State University
Bachelors, Engineering Mechanics

Penn State UniversitySan Diego State University
Bachelors, Engineering Mechanics