Ivory Yoder
Tier 1 Automotive Quality, Document and Data Control, and Criminal Justice
GOSHEN, IN 46527

I am looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence. My skill set includes Tier 1 Automotive Quality, specializing in document and data control. My degrees include an AS in Business... show more


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Work experience
Tier 1 Automotive Quality, Document and Data Control, & Criminal Justice

Successfully completed degree program on time while going through three surgeries and 33 rounds of radiation
*Graduated magna cum laude (2015)
*Coordinated visits with multiple doctors in search of a diagnosis
*Obtained referrals for specialists
*Arranged and coordinated travel
*Arranged and coordinated all testing and appointments
*Verified all facilities, doctors, and physicians were in-network providers
*Research synovial sarcoma in the head and neck

Results: Head and neck sarcomas account for less than one percent of head and neck malignancies. Only one to three people per million are diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in the head and neck region. I like to say this diagnosis makes me literally one in one million.

Synovial sarcomas are gene translocations. Treatment is surgery with clear margins; however, this can be difficult depending on tumor size and location. Research indicates the gene translocation makes this cancer both chemotherapy and radiation resistant; however, these treatments may be prescribed in an effort to kill the living tissue which surrounded the tumor in an effort to boost a patient's survival odds.

*Worked with medical staff and determined the best treatment course
*Completed and submitted all insurance appeals
*Researched synovial sarcoma oncologists and obtained a treatment plan
*Researched local cancer treatment facilities and helped implement a treatment plan
*Currently defying survival odds by completing scans every six months for five years and having them show no sign of local reoccurrence of cancer despite not having clear surgical margins

Quality Assurance

Document and data control within central computerized quality data program (HQMS)
*Created internal material safety data sheets (MSDS)
*General office duties

Administrative Quality Assurance
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier
Assignment 1

*Investigated and determined the root cause of customer complaints (8D)
*Investigated, implemented, and closed customer and internally driven engineering change notices
*Analyzed and advised the company with regards to document and data control procedures and rules
*Created and issued visual and written quality alerts
*Created, revised, and maintained controlled documents and appropriate logs
*Tracked serial numbers for work order traceability
*Issued manufacturing totals including number of units and acceptance/rejection rate
*Created and issued quality graphs used on production visual goals board
*General office duties


Coordinated and consulted with various medical staff
*Developed emergency protocol for fill-in caregivers
*Developed medication schedules and distributed medications
*General housekeeping, meal preparation, and transfer assistance
*Managed financial and legal affairs
*Coordinated with Hospice workers to determine medical device needs, pain management, and end of life care

Technical Records Coordinator

Created, implemented, and maintained corporate document and data control policies and procedures across 12 facilities in order to comply with QS9000:1994 and ISO9000:1994 quality systems
*Decreased office expenditures $25,000 annually by implementing supply and labor reductions associated with maintaining quality systems
*Implemented and maintained electronic customer blueprint system
*Contracted vendors to provide electronic quality specifications, ensuring current testing requirements were readily available
Maintained written quality system documentation for all customers specifications not available electronically
*Reformatted and updated technical publications using a variety of software programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PhotoShop
*Revised ISO9000:1994/QS9000:1994 corporate quality manual and all document and data control procedures and work instructions to comply with ISO9001:2000
*Conducted internal Underwriter Laboratories (UL) lab audits
*Reviewed and entered material formulations and statistical process control (SPC) data into corporate lab database
*Researched material quality specifications
*Reviewed customer specifications for change and/or ability to manufacture product to said
*Lead departmental cost savings project saving the company $25,000 annually in paper and labor cost
*Composed and approved purchase requisitions
*Assigned internal codes for all customer purchased product
*Composed tooling requisitions
*Responded to all customer tooling disposition requests
*Assisted sales staff
*Proficient operation of seven-line phone system including call transfer, park, and paging
*Performed general office duties

Bar Manager
Office Manager
I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am skilled in finding solutions to difficult issues.
I am able to find new and unique ways to achieve goals and bring a job or task to completion.
Indiana Wesleyan University
Bachelors, Criminal Justice

Indiana Wesleyan University
Associates, Business Administration
Certifications & licenses
State of Indiana
The Window
Food preparation and serving

Assisted prepping, preparing, and serving breakfast and lunch.


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