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Work experience
I am free and retired not belong company

Hellow my friend
I like to work in un and proud to offer my service to un because that organization
can solve any problem in all the world which
contains different countries.thank you

I am free and retired not belong company

Hellow my friend.I look for jop because I am retired before two years ago in Iraq. I like to get jop and stay along time in us and depend
on law to get resdance in us with work or for example as volunteer or support work or training in us army or any department have to stay and work as soon as possible with take it easy to work thank you

Now i am free
Retired my jop before retired is phiscal

Hellow my friend.I am Iraqi from Baghdad .I like to work or training or volunteer because no have jop before two years ago.and now still yet stay in the home.thank you

I am free and retired 60 years old
As you like

Hellow my friend. Sorry I will offer to all jops belongs to un and which company can accept
me to work and no problem if dont accept me .thank you

bachlore in phyisics
Bachelors, Phyisics
Staffing and freelance

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As you like
Any jop

Hi my friend
I am Iraqi from Baghdad with 69 years old 26 years serves in Iraq now no have jop only if you need for volunteer work I am ready to work by your side accept me if not no problem it's dependent on your side.thank you