Greg(kabel) Laird
Electronics Technician
Morning Sun, OH 45311

I fix or repair whatever I put my time into- no problem too complex!


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Work experience
Electronics Technician

Audi Sport Customer Racing - College Corner, Oh
Audi Customer Racing help with the operations of the facility and maintain various equipment around the establishment. Maintained and troubleshoot White and Tow Motor model Propane Fork Lifts
Ranger power washing equipment, design and build warm-up equipment for race car engines, maintain furnaces
heat pumps air compressors, ventilation, transfer pumps.
Maintained 2 car transporters (18 wheels) electrically charging systems remote
batteries inverters and solar panels, lift gates, 20kw generator maintenance/repair, and ABS systems.
Maintain solar panels and charging systems on 5 car trailer/ transporters with wenches and interior lighting.
Can troubleshoot hydraulics on any system.
While working here also designed, modified enhanced any system to enhance longevity and dependability. I would assist visiting race team customers, rebuild-troubleshoot- refurbish any electro-mechanical system not working.
Restore electrical, liquid petroleum systems, Webasco diesel hydronic heater, block heater and air suspension systems on a 1989 Prevost Coach Classic.
From air dryer, suspension to ride height.

Miami University

Miami University plumbing section mechanical trades.
Worked on steam devices and steam traps, tested backflow preventers and
certified-rebuilt backflow preventers when failed tests -worked with various
plumbing traps in chemical laboratory equipment.

Electronics technician
Brad Kettler

Kettler Motor Werks worked as a mechanic/electrician fabricate parts as needed
case by case situation.
Assist engine building.
Worked on Porsche street and race cars modify/install fuel enrichment and
whatever electrically was needed and troubleshooting.

Jim Laird Plumbing Heating
Plumber -Air Conditioning and Heating technician

plumbing and heating installed heating and AC cooling systems troubleshoot
air-conditioning systems of any make.
repair-install furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps.
installed water softeners, test, and repair any make or model.

Southwest Electric

Southwest electric, Oxford Ohio install commercial and residential wiring.

Hamco X Ray
Assistant -installer
US Army
Specialist E4 29M Microwave satellite technician

Army veteran- 4 years highest rank held E4.microwave satellite communication
performed circuit analysis of electrical circuits, electrical circuit power supplies,
solid-state circuits.
Tested and troubleshot amplifiers, oscillators, pulse shaping, and digital circuits to
component level.
Tested, analyzed, troubleshot, and repaired FM microwave radios, multiplexers,
converters, timing circuits, decoders, antenna.
Honor graduate military electronics.

Audi Sport Customer Racing
Champion Racing
Electrician, building tech, automation tech, large truck electronic maintenace-troubleshooter
Champion Racing

Champion Racing team electrician.
Installation of circuitry, assembly of racecar from ground up implementing sensors
and telemetry.
Building testing troubleshooting wiring harnesses and controls to data loggers.
Have traveled to Germany to learn first hand how these cars are assembled at the
Have built 5-6 Audi R8 LMP race cars with team members.
Also maintain communication systems between crewmembers, crew chief and
Implementing repeaters when an environment and track layout deem necessary.

I am self-assured in my skills and talents, and I'm willing to take on challenges and risks.
I am truthful and believable.
I am committed to the company's success and loyal to the people and things I believe in.

Miami University Hamilton
High School, Systems Analysis and Electrical Engineering was my focus
Certifications & licenses
Greg Laird Backflow Certification
Ohio Commerce

Backflow tester and rebuilder. Have tested and repaired 1000's fire line backflow preventers and 1000's of secondary prevention devices since 1991. Expires on 9/2020 to be recertified.

Universal A/C Technician
  • Automotive Technician
  • Plumber
  • A/C Technicain
  • Military Electronics
  • Componant Level Troubleshooting of anything
  • Schematic / Blueprint
  • Computer Skills & Repair
  • Mig, solder, braze, arc
  • Schematics/Blue Prints
  • 20kw Generator repair
  • Small Engine Repair
More information

I have had a soldering iron and a meter in my hand since about age 12. I have been playing with electronics most of my life as a hobby or for work. 1986 Built an inverter to run an amplifier out of my car trunk- 555 timer- j/k flip flop and a couple TO3's coupled to a 12vct transformer to 110vac.
Not fluent in German, French or Spanish. But I have traveled through Europe and have used my linguistics to successfully communicate and navigate through a few countries traveling alone.
Worked for a family business and a race team. I know of camaraderie and dedication to the goal and to see the project to fruition.