Gabrielle Anshewitz

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Work experience
Cape Cod Child Development
Accounting Clerk

Performed a wide range of clerical and accounting functions supporting the Chief Financial Officer.
*Researched discrepancies using Traverse Accounting Software to maintain accurate bookkeeping.
*Revised the AP process; resulted in efficient invoice processing for timely vendor payment.
*Communicated with colleagues, vendors and clients to respond to inquires and resolve issues by email and phone.

Data Manager

Maintained Cape Cod Child Development Program's databases while ensuring data accuracy.
*Formatted and manipulated various types of documents and data using Word and Excel.
*Translated data into audience specific reports on behalf of internal and external stakeholders.
*Scanned, copied, faxed and filed documents for all departments.

Cape Cod Child Development
Policy Council Representative

Attended meetings for impending policy council actions for Cape Cod Child Development Program initiatives.
*Voiced opinions, questions and concerns relating to upcoming program changes.
*Followed the parliamentary procedure to conduct meetings, and approved minutes.

Cape Cod Community College Young
Public Relations Officer

Coordinated social media efforts to raise awareness of professional networking and community outreach events.
*Employed targeted emailing to recruit new members and engage external members of the community.
*Compiled and maintained an annotated directory for all active and potential club members.

Hess Express
Management Intern

Shadowed various members of upper management to demonstrate understanding of store management principles.
*Conducted loss prevention analysis to investigate and trace discrepancies; led to reduced store losses.
*Balanced and closed out inventories and store finances using Excel; resulted in daily financial transparency.
*Ensured safety protocols were strictly followed to maintain compliance with OSHA regulations.

Senior Sales Associate

Provided excellent customer service in order to yield higher consumer retention rates.
*Communicated with incoming guests to suggest weekly specials and new items.
*Processed assorted payment methods and reconciled the cash drawer for all current sales.

Cape Diagnostic Imaging

Interacted with patients scheduled appointments and provided updates for patients and staff.
*Scheduled patients accordingly to avoid overloading staff agendas.
*Provided updates for patients and staff regarding

Finance Clerk
Cape Cod Community College
Business Administration