Gabe Lazar

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Work experience
Lean Industrial Engineer

Support continuous improvement projects focusing on implementation of new processes and strategies that focus on: reduced workload, increased throughput, cost savings, lead time reduction, increased utilization, and overall waste reduction.
*New process implementation in order to streamline material flow and reduce over processing.
*Project management: Understanding the needs of all groups within the facility and assisting in target state creation that benefits all involved stakeholders.
*Work closely with production groups to drive a lean mentality and culture across all business hierarchy levels.

Lam Research
Manufacturing Engineer

Responsible for long-term administrative continuous improvement projects focusing on implementation of new processes and strategies that will reduce the overall workload specific business groups.
*Project Management: Leading cross functional teams to streamline business practices resulting in increased productivity and working bandwidth of both Manufacturing and Manufacturing Engineering Personnel. This includes: achieving consensus across various business groups; updating and implementing enhanced business processes; tracking performance metrics and success criteria; auditing process changes to ensure goals are both realized and sustained.
*Direct manufacturing floor support to assist in manufacturing issue escalations.

Intel Corporation
Systems Manufacturing Engineer

Responsible for supporting new product introductions from point of conception through handoff to high volume manufacturer (HVM) in Malaysia. Worked closely with Design Engineers to provide DFM input and maintained communication with HVM team to support sustaining products and develop plans for new product handover process.
*Responsible for the ownership of each supported product's BOM, routing, and labor time throughout NPI process. Including ECO submissions, ERP system audits, BOM restructuring, make/buy system configuration.
*Completed and presented Technical Risk Assessments (TRAs) on a regular basis to management teams. Highlighted quality and schedule risk items, prepared mitigation/resolution plans, respective owners, and target completion dates.
*Supported the launch of the latest generation tester from inception through HVM handoff and sustaining thereafter. Successfully launched this product on schedule, below budget, and with higher than expected initial quality results (first pass yield, defect rate on arrival).

Manufacturing Engineer

Supported the New Product Introduction (NPI) process: developed labor and material consumption documentation and ERP system requirements, managed new capital equipment procurement, established current and target state AutoCAD facility layout drawings and implemented facility and process changes to enable manufacturability of new products.
*Project management: annual forecasting, visual acceptance criteria, market analysis, NPI expenditure estimates, product performance specifications and testing procedures. Worked closely with suppliers and consumers to establish quality and expectation agreements. Managed cross functional teams to ensure project cost, quality, and schedule objectives were achieved.
*Executed a complete department layout reconstruction; introduced cross functional production lines, rebalanced station workloads, reorganized operator placement and optimized weekly build schedules based on demand variables. This resulted in approximately a 20% department size reduction, increased productivity, and ability to meet customer demand in times of unique product volume fluctuations.
*Coached various Kata efforts throughout the production areas including participation as a learner in a 1-year Kata coached by my supervisor with a communication-based challenge.
*Designed and created manufacturing tooling, fixtures, and test equipment using 3D modeling software including Solidworks and Inventor.
*Established internal quality processes to identify and pareto quality defects, quantify issues, and focus root cause analysis efforts to drive CAPA (corrective action/preventative action).
*Utilized lean manufacturing principles and techniques to improve efficiency by reducing process variation, introducing Kanban pull systems, reducing inventory and batching, increasing internal and external quality.

Danner Footwear
Manufacturing Engineer

Aided in the new product introduction process by evaluating labor and material consumption in order to create accurate process controls and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
*Conducted various process analyses including changeover time and utilization studies, resulting in waste identification/reduction and increased efficiency.
*Managed facility layout redesign; resulting in bottleneck identification, workload balancing, Kanban and pull system implementation, and minimization of waste and non-value-added activities.
*Assisted in a factory-wide lean initiative spanning all departments and processes. This included techniques such as: value stream mapping, SOP documentation, standardized flexing criteria and visual indicators, and utilization of the Toyota Kata problem solving methodology.

Dynamic Force Solutions
Engineering Partner

Facilitated Development of innovative device which measured soil density, for use in commercial foundation reinforcement.
*Designed and constructed testing fixtures and measurement devices for use in data collection and device evaluation.
*Utilized design of experiment techniques to minimize variance in the data collection process and applied statistical analysis techniques to organize and examine test data.
*Conducted force and energy formulations including collision and deflection analysis and conservation of energy and momentum calculations to establish parameter relationships.

Columbia Sportswear
Intel Corporation
Business Analyst

SAP Reporting Team
*Worked as a Business Analyst to aid in the implementation of a new SAP-based ERP system; entailed data validation, report configuration, data table integration and analysis, and master data maintenance.
*Developed input workbooks to streamline internal processes.
*Collaborated with cross functional business groups to understand customer requirements and provide tailored data reports.
*Integrated data from multiple sources to create relevant tables and charts.

MECOP - NPI Manufacturing Engineer

Managed the development and completion of Intel wireless-N 6235 wireless card, made available to the public in March 2012.
*Successfully qualified new lower-cost label material through research, testing, data collection, and analysis; resulting in over $10,000 in annual savings.
*Designed labels for entire 2012 wireless card product line; Researched and secured necessary regulatory markings pending each product's country of sale.
*Collaborated with international teams located in Israel (Design) and China (Manufacturing) to integrate DFM changes that proactively reduced defects and ensured designs would be manufacturable within the capabilities of the production processes.

Oregon State University
Bachelors, Manufacturing Engineering

CNC Metal Machines Oregon State University
Bachelors, Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Engineering