Franco Rangel

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Work experience
Season Group USA
Coating Specialist

A Coating Operator's job is to coat parts that are needing coating and can be a variety of components
but in this case: printed circuit boards.
Knowledge on the chemicals you work with is a must. You will work with very dangerous chemicals and
be exposed to vapors that can penetrate all PPE, walls, and respirator masks.
Read everything you can with the hazards regarding what chemicals and solvents you will be exposed
to when working on the job.
Your PPE will consist of a tyvek suit, hand gloves, and a respirator.
Typically, you will not use a tyvek suit as it is unnecessary. A simple vest or ESD coat is all that is
needed. Gloves are a must and they must be ESD safe. A respirator designed for not only vapor
protection but also protection from silicone based coatings is needed.
Next will be the mixing of chemicals with thinners. The ratios will not always be correct, even under
customer orders, some coatings can damage and short circuit parts.
Trial and error will be your friend for a good while before you come to find a good ratio to work with.
Now with your coating ready and your parts prepped and seated, you will then continue on with your
coating. Begin first with working the coating that is the most fragile and easiest to cause a defect if
conditions are not good. The easiest coating to spray would be the last to do.
After the coating is completed, either room temperature drying or oven based drying of the coated part
is needed. Room temperature drying works well for some coating and not all. The oven is more for a
curing of soldered parts and for ensuring a coating to even out correctly as it dries.
After curing, the printed circuit boards are then delivered to quality to make a final inspection pass
before going to shipping.

Blue Source Solar
Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Assembly of solar modules, panels, support structures and diagram layouts on a solar farm in North
The job consisted of working in all weather conditions and possible animal hazards and dangers.
Little to no experience was needed for this type of job. Manual labor with knowledge of using a
measuring tape and electric hand tools as screw guns, saw zaws, and chargers, was all that was
A typical day consisted of all workers meeting first and having positions filled for the day. All tools and
water jugs were carried along to the site.
Your PPE is a safety vest, gloves, steel toe boots for the rattlesnakes and dropping of materials on your
precious toes, a hard hat, preferably yellow or white. Bandanas are good as well for keeping the hot
sun off your neck and are good to use when soaked when working this Texas heat.
Build, measure, work well with others or not, your duties and goals are all the same.

Express Employment Professionals
Quality Inspector

Inspected assembled Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma doors as they moved down the assembly line.
Checked for missing components or damages to the product before being sent to Toyota.
Standing on feet for 10 hour shifts, consisting of a 2 week rotation.
Part of a 5 man crew, with 1 or 2 man teams doing inspections.
Training consisted of being trained "on-line" as doors were assembled by team lead or specialists for
short or consistent time lengths.
Supervision was a constant and SOP's were continuously changed to meet the customers demands.

MS Companies
Quality Inspector

Inspecting products for a Toyota supplier of any deviations or defects that would otherwise compromise
the integrity of said customers confidence of orders.
Reading blueprints and acknowledging that all specifications were up to date and were standardized to
production standards.
Inspected and tested metal-stamped parts and assembled goods to ensure parts were all present in
the final
assembly and no defects were detected.
Discussed inspection results with supervisors, and quality team leads of test data.

Hawkins Personnel Group

Gathered and re-stocked parts needed in the assembly of Regulators.
Assisted in a 4 man team of assembly of parts.
Once parts were assembled, they were then tested on electronic gauges and computers for pressure
seal tests and small parts integrity tests.
After part was approved and tested successfully to show no defects were present, they were then
scanned into the order and set aside for final inspection by the Quality Inspector.
Final approval of part was then packaged and palletized for forklift driver pick up.

Champion National Security
Security Officer

Secured premises and personnel and insured the safety of the customer.
Monitored computer and video surveillance and inspected buildings and equipment for risky or
dangerous hazards.
Operated as gated security to a multitude of clients, where I.D. entry was needed for entry into
buildings and or warehouse orders being delivered to warehouses.

Produce Stocker Walmart

Stocking and rotation of merchandise in the produce and floral departments to ensure fresh, high
quality good.
Floral department consisted of trimming, watering, and merchandising displays to maximize product
freshness and availability.

Reyes Automotive Group
Production Worker
Order Selector

Trimming, assembling, and inspecting of plastic, blow-molded air ducts, as they exited blow mold
Making sure all gauges and pressures on the blow mold machine were not over pressured and that oil
levels were
Once molds were set, they exited the mold at 4 parts a minute. Very fast paced.
In a minute, you had to hang up the molded part, make small cuts on the outside of the molded parts
to be entered into a press that would then cut out the desired parts, leaving the excess or unnecessary
After the part was seen free of defects, it was then handed to the next team member, who assembled,
stamped, and stocked the product in totes.
On the return to the press, the excess plastic was then pulled out and tossed into a plastic grinder that
would cut the material down for recycling of future orders.
As an assembler, your job was to ensure that the plastic air-duct was free of foreign material and or
blow outs, or mutilation. A foam was then installed around the opening duct to prevent dust and to
prevent air loss from occurring while installed in the vehicle.
The quality inspector, inspected the final product and confirmed the correct numbered label was
correct and product
was free of any defects.
The kanban or product label was then scanned and stocked on a pallet and moved to outgoing
shipments with a
pallet jack.

Takumi Stamping Texas Inc

in completing order selecting orders for shipment to Toyota.
The parts themselves consisted of small, metal-stamped goods such as hinges for Tundra trucks and
body parts for doors.
Orders consisted of pulling and stacking parts in totes and onto rolling cart and moved to a verification
table, where I
would confirm and verify that the correct parts were selected and the correct number and that the
orders were all
accountable in the manifest.
Each day, we could complete 5-7 orders and on not so busy days, we would complete 2.
If we finished too early, we would help in other departs, or restock and organize parts to their proper

Tejas Framing Inc
Carpenter's Helper

it is your position to help setup and connect all equipment such as; air
compressors, hose
lines, electrical lines, GFCI connectors, electrical screw drivers, hand held saws, saw horses, stocking of
screws and nails needed in pneumatic air guns.
After the setup was complete, all trip hazards were then removed to ensure safe working conditions for
carpenters and anyone else needing access to different areas of the job.
An Interior Blocker's duties are to reinforce the structure of a building and to help build walls, arches,
stairs, and fireplace frames, followed by blocking of ceilings in a rooms for sheet-rockers.
A normal work week consisted of 10 hours or more and started as early as 4 a.m. and could end by 10

Season group
Coating apecialist
Lamson Institute
Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant