Coyote Anon

Praises help jobseekers showcase strengths and stand out to employers.

Work experience
College Adviser

Advised students on college, financial aid, and life after high school graduation
*Collaborated with coworkers for special events in order to make them run as smoothly as possible
*Documented and analyzed any interaction with students and/or parents into a database so that I can know who else needs help
*Increased the amount of students who've applied to a college from the previous year
*Designed numerous flyers so that students can know about scholarships and internship opportunities to increase awareness and increased the amount of students applying for scholarships
*Budgeted available funds to set up an event for seniors to celebrate their accomplishments by purchasing needed equipment

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Legacy Camp Counselor

Taught children about archaeology using presentations, games, and other fun activities.
*Summarized archaeological concepts in ways that children are able to comprehend
*Educated camp goers on what it is like to be an archaeologist so that they can consider it as a career

Scene Shop, Trinity University
Set Builder

Learned how to properly use a variety of tools such as a table saw, electric drill, and sander within a day in order to build sets
*Worked independently to either move set pieces or build them to maintain efficient set schedule
*Carried theater lights up ladders on occasions, to put them in place without dropping them so that the play will be properly lit
*Collaborated with coworkers on how the set should be assembled to ensure the safety of builders and actors

Transcribed various files of various audio qualities to eliminate any background noise or bad audio
*Edited transcriptions so that customers would get the most accurate transcription in a timely manner
*Maintained a steady pace and stuck to it in order for customers to get transcriptions on time

Sales Associate

Operated the telephone while on the job with little prior knowledge so that customers could easily get into contact with the right department
*Organized clothes by color and size to enhance customer shopping experience
*Organized the grocery aisle and took out any opened packages so that customers would not buy something that has been potentially contaminated or be misled by the wrong price
*Resolved any issues that customers were having

Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers
Dining Hall Attendant

Daily duties included: restocking the utensils, napkins, straws, and lids, making tea, breaking bags of ice to put in the fountain machine, and taking out the trash from the trashcans so that the customers could have an enjoyable experience
*Learned where things were located so that they can be found within a few seconds so as to ensure a short wait time
*Performed all work duties independently in a fast-paced environment

Trinity University
Bachelors, Anthropology