Liz Marie
Office Manager for T&J Tree Service LLC

I am currently working on my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. As soon as I am done my Master's is next. I plan on becoming a Licensed Counselor. I have worked in the healthcare field for over... show more


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Work experience
T Tree Service LLC
Office Manager* Secretary/Scheduling

Scheduling appointments for estimates, job site assessment, accounts payable, payroll, marketing, safety training, ordering supplies, quarterly and expense reports, invoicing and proposals, professional emails

Epic Health Services
Private Aide

I worked for Epic as a private health aide to a young lady who at the time was in 5th grade. I was assigned to her based on her mental health needs. I made sure she ate, didn't get into fights or run away from school. I participated in her classes helping her to get focused on class work. I worked with the principal and Special Ed teachers.
Unfortunately, she ended up getting kicked out of school.

I then got assigned to private home health care. Until my lady I cared for died on my birthday I was with her 6 days a week for 3 hours. I cooked, cleaned, made sure she bathed and did her shopping.

Certified Medication Technician

CMT/CNA * Skilled Nursing Facilities (Normandy Nursing Center, New Haven Care Center, Hermann Elementary, private home health aide)
*Administration of medication in both skilled and mental health facilities. Provided patient care in both mental health and skilled nursing facilities. As a private aid in the elementary school, worked with special needs children. As a home health care provider, monitored health of elderly patient, cooked, cleaned, and other daily living activities.

Gasconade Manor
Certified Medication Tech

Passed medicine in a skilled nursing facility

Normandy Nursing Center
Certified Medication Tech

Working in a mental health care facility passing medication, monitoring behavior, keeping residents safe and providing emotional and mental support. Provided patient care, meals and took direction from RN. Worked with EMR and provided written reports on residents behavior.

New Haven Care Center
Certified Nurse Assistance

Worked in a skilled nursing facility under a LPN or RN. Assisted residents in daily living activities and preformed patient care.

T &J Tree Service LLC
Office Manager
I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.
I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.

Central Methodist University-College of Graduate and Extended Studies
Bachelors, Psychology

Currently enrolled in psychology and Sociology classes which includes: abnormal psychology, Social Deviance, Gender and Sexuality, Health Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Learning...

East Central Community College
Associates, Psychology

This college allowed me to work and continue my education to better myself and daughters.

I was able to take my gen Ed classes that prepared me for my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

East Central CollegeCentral Methodist University
Certifications & licenses
Certified Medication Tech
States Of Missouri

Due to change in my family's needs, I had to let my license lapse.

I was able to pass medicine to residents as well as identify side effects and any other potential issues, such as change in mood or behavior.

Certified Nurse Aide
State Of Missouri

As a certified nursing aide, I was able to obtain my Med Tech license to pass medicine.
I also learned patient care skills