Dimitri Rimpel
West Milford, NJ 07480

I am an Army Veteran who always puts the mission first and do not rest until it is completed correctly. I am looking to join your company and apply my Army values in order to succeed in the... show more


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Work experience

Perform a wide variety of clerical and logistical tasks in such functional areas as:

o Work orders, Finance.

o Production Control, Supply Logistics, and Special Project.

Gather, collect, input, record, track, and verify data and information from multiple sources.

Use personal computer and commercial software proprietary software for functional areas, to input

Compile and generate work orders, reports, statistics, timelines, tables, graphs, and correspondence.

Design processes and input/control data to enhance workflow.

Provide data and documentation to others on functional unit processes and procedures.

Professional Driver

Maintains high rating, demonstrates professionalism at all times, customer friendly and intellectual individual with
desire to exceed expectations.
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Dimitri G. Rimpel
US Army Veteran
(347) 730-1167

Partner with vendors to ensure execution of daily sound driving record
Establishes distinguished physical hygiene and demeanor
Provide an atmosphere of safety and comfortability
Identify areas of opportunity in productivity and drives for improvement
Willing to travel outside of expected time ranges.
Effectively overcoming time management limitations
Responsible for meeting required pick up and drop off schedules
Adhere to all Motor Vehicle rules and regulations
Focus on improving service to clients while maintaining standard costs within vendor requirements

Sanofi Pasteur

Responsible for assembling and testing of Sanofi Pasteur manufactured goods.

Perform equipment setup, operation, equipment adjustments and minor preventative maintenance
tasks to meet all standards for safety, quality and efficiency
Work as part of a larger team, frequently interacting with manufacturing and Quality Assurance
Identify potential solutions and attempt to troubleshoot issues that could be mechanical errors, safety
issues or unidentified inefficiency.
Provide attention to detail and a passion for producing quality, dependable work. Equipped with
motor, communication, organization, and independent skills.
Provided support to Quality Assurance compliance during pre-audit assessment for Libyan and
Nigerian audits (September 2016). Assisted QA, SA, and FFIP with Heightened Awareness Assessment


Ensure that the Dean's Gffice operates effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

Detail oriented, possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, and have the ability to
maintain confidentiality.
Computer proficiency in Microsoft Gffice Suite with capability to create spreadsheets, documents, and
Maintain both physical and digital office filing systems
Executed clerical responsibilities and mentored new students.
Grganized and assist with the logistics and planning of faculty professional development, special
events, socials, and career workshops at the Savannah Campus.


(Specialized Training Leadership Diversity, Communication, Automated Logistics Supply)

Responsible for over 2,000 lines of military supply at the Brigade level.
Perform a combination of computer operator orientated task regarding the order, receipt, storage, transfer,
issue, replenish, disposal and adjustment of a wide variety of supplies and classes II, III, IV and IX repair parts.

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Dimitri G. Rimpel
US Army Veteran
(347) 730-1167
Conduct extensive research for required information and utilizes stock control clerical procedures, guides and
precedent materiel to reconstruct complex transactions.
Prepare requests for cataloging action; processes AMA's, ACI's, AFI's, and AEI's, and processes Record of
Discrepancies (RGDs) and receipts into automated system.
Work with computer systems, responsible for identifying output requirements, sources and procedures of input,
control points and other demands of the system.
Responsible for the activation of computer systems hardware, back-up storage, operation and control of 3
separate computer terminals used to support the automated supply database to enter, correct, and retrieve
recurring reports.
Provides technical assistance on supply procedures, processes and problems as required and requested to
resolve problems and disputes between customers, automated supply system, higher headquarters and
outsides agencies.
Uses Federal Logistics database (FEDLGG) to research nomenclature and national stock numbers to ensure
accuracy in requisitions.
Answers question from customers, storage, depots, higher headquarter, and other organizations both orally and
in writing.
Prepares requests for cataloging action add, delete or change.
Enters and retrieves data from varied computer automated systems.
Received incoming documentation of supply receipts for purchases by credit card, local purchase, depots,
substitutes, validity, etc.
Ensure the proper processing and posting of all supply transactions between property book and hand receipt
holders to include all receipts, turn-ins, adjustments and lateral transfers between hand receipts holders.
Responsible to established new property records in the property book and on the hand receipts, changing and
deleting existing property records.

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am strongly driven to succeed.
I put my best effort into everything I do.

South University
Bachelors, Criminal Justice