Dennis Costea Jr.
USAF veteran, analytical thinker, friendly
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

*** NO SECURITY CLEARANCE AT THIS TIME *** (August 2019) My ladder: Senior Airman (USAF), Sr. Technical Support Rep., Systems Engineer, Systems Engineer/Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst,... show more


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Work experience
I.T. Refresh Technician

This work involved migration of computer user Profiles from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10. It was a detail oriented and Enterprise specific process but, mostly point and click type work. For an earlier employer (ABBTECH), I was the Team Lead accountable for daily productivity on refreshing 1,790 computers on a U.S. government (Naval Command) facility; approximate value of hardware $895,000 (U.S.) in a secure network environment.

Pisces Construction
Construction Laborer (part-time)

Assisted with job site clean-up, safety and all aspects of the presentation of apartment units during 4 unit construction remodels. This job also included a community Clubhouse with multi-purpose room and fitness center (gym) being constructed from the ground up. I joined the project after wood framing and remained through owner walk-thrus up to final acceptance (fully "dressed" and landscaped) of the project. This employer was EXTREMELY COMPETENT in the area of General Contractor.

Field Advantage
Field Service Engineer (I.T.) (part-time)

Performing hands-on technology support work for the Point of Sale (POS) and computer networking equipment making daily operations at Olive Garden, Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin' Donuts, Buffalo Wild Wings and Taco Bell possible. This was an "On Call" and as needed role, heavily self-directed and where the Engineer documents every step of the job from "show time" to what you found, what you did, the serial numbers replaced and anyone spoken with off site (remote support). This employer is highly skilled at technology support ASSIGNMENT MANAGEMENT and paperwork processing for 1099 employees.

Superior Talent Resources (now Acara Solutions)
Site Support Analyst

Supported all aspects of the Enterprise systems, networking, applications productivity, desktop and mobile asset deployment, asset management, cybersecurity and Best Practices use of storage and VPN based (RSA SecurID) token / key-fob remote work. Functioned as an associate (Jr.) systems administrator for Quest ActiveRoles server, Exchange e-mail account administrator, full-disk encryption administrator, VPN technician and Endpoint protection administrator. This employer did NOT assist with our encourage Contractor training or skills development within the context of the Technology Support assignment I served on. They did not provide access to a 'Books 24/7' account for technology learning or support the addition of skills in any way during my nearly 4 year assignment. Anything I learned ('14 thru '18) was on my own initiative and at my own expense.

I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.
I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.
I am self-assured in my skills and talents, and I'm willing to take on challenges and risks.

Community College of the Air Force
Associates, Career-level Certification

Pursued all coursework relevant to a USAF Specialist role for multiple aircraft including the F-16 C/D Falcon tactical fighter and C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft. Flight Controls, Navigation and Guidance career field (AFSC), including graduating Technical School with honors (1990).

Certifications & licenses
A+ Professional I.T. Technician

This is not the Continuing Education (C.E.) edition of this certification.

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Cybersecurity Process Support
  • VPN Identity Management
  • VPN Access Management
  • Microsoft Office 2016
Staffing and freelance

Dennis is affiliated with the following companies:

  • Allegis global solutions
  • Teksystems
More information

I keep an encouraging attitude towards every work situation and appreciate being asked for my opinion. The end results of many employers are a synthesis of efforts, a combination of skills and there are always three ways to solve any issue (cheaply, moderately expensive, and the 'You've got to be kidding!' price). Be considerate of others and be personable.