Denise Marullo-Cook
Retired needing a job
Midway Park, NC 28544

Educated and experienced in the health field and special education. I worked most of my adult life as a psych nurse and an instructor for special needs. Case manager and Coordinator titles suite me... show more

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Work experience
Wakendas Services LLC
CEO and Manager

I started a small referral service for home bound patients looking for trained CNAs and Home Health
Aides. I trained all and supervised as well as did payroll, billing, ordering supplies and scheduling shifts.
All background checks were done by me and a RN came monthly to assure all was well.
I did all intricate care, and invasive care for patients and soon took over one patient's ranch as house
manager, supervising staff and full care of ranch.
Most of my trained CNAs became RNs in time. I was trusted with alot and succeeded wonderfully for
each family.

Private nurse/ CNA

Help Unlimited Inc
Counselor/ Case Manager

Therapies with patients; speech, OT and cognitive therapies.
I designed learning programs for stroke, dementia, head trauma, special needs patients with great
I worked many Hospice cases using aromatherapy, massage therapy and music therapy.
Besides handling all typical nursing duties( wound care, GI tube, respiratory care and diabetes care) I
am a trained and educated, experienced psychiatric LVN ( semi retired)
I have worked as case manager and coordinator of care and services for agencies and as a private

New Horizons Inc
Stylist/Manager Assistant

I reciwved numerous awards from clients and supervisors as the lead counselor dealing with a
sheltered workshop of Intellectually Challenged Adults, all ages. I was responsible for writing and
implementing IPP's for 52 clients and for making their progress on line a productive one.
I held meetings of culturally diversity and health issues. I also was the nurse for the company sight.
I loved my job and implemented many programs showing the clients how wonderful their work was and
to keep them motivated.
My clients had the highest productivity rate and the least absences.

Elizabeth/ Liz Clairborn
Head and lead

I had my own clientele and special sales events for VIP customers. I did window dressings and store
displays and assisted Manager in inventory and closing of store with receipts and transactions.
I won many awards for top sales and best stylist as well as a growing and loyal customer list.

Passport to Learning
Counselor/ Case Manager
Specialized Inc
Foreclosure Specialist

Handled all reinstatement for foreclosures throughout US.
Constant legal documentation to attorneys and courts
Heavy phones to clients and mortgage holders
Heavy written detail to dates and times vital for transactions
Filing, typing, computers, copying, faxing

Kitchen Manager/Cook

Waited tables and progressed to kitchen manager and cook. I ordered supplies, food and cooked
certain days. I handled the orders and served the food as well as found local talent to play at
Restaurant. I handled all catered events at Restaurant.I was quick, efficient and a great people persin. I
saved the owner much money in ordering kitchen needs and foods for our menus.

Pilgrim State Hospital
Mental Health Therapist Intern/ LVN and CNA

Started out training under my college professor and was hired F/T. Graduated the CNA/Psychiatric LVN
and MHTA programs as well as CMAP.( Certified Medication Administration Personnel)
I began working in a pilot project to educate those severly psychotic and some deaf. I worked the
womens ward for MR Psychotic Deaf my entire duration lending my services to mens wards as needed.

I accomplished so much there including my two outstanding awards under emergency situations and
learning to work wiith deaf psychotic patients who were diagnosed mentally called
Intellectually Challenged. I was able to do such wonderful work with those society left behind including
my first experience with deaf, Down Syndrome and Autism.

Wakendas Services
Office manager/Coordinator
Wakendas Services
manager, program coordinator
Behaviorist/ Counselor

for five clients who had Special needs of various degrees
and types. I trained them in everyday skills; shopping, grocery buying, banking, house upkeep, cooking
and coping skills at home and in the public.
I weote personal IPP's for each and visited at their homes as well as day outings to teach them their
I had a great repoire with my clients and only left my job due to a high risk pregnancy.

I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.
I put my best effort into everything I do.
Ventura College
Associates, Early Childhood Education

Bachelors, English

English major, Teacher prep

California State University
Bachelors, English/EducationPsychologyPsychology/English
Dowling College
Certifications & licenses
Pilgrim State Hospital

Trained as a CNA, LPN, MHTA and certified as a CMAP...graduated.

Peer Support Specialist