Corey Gowdy
Telecommunications Technician

Valuable Telecommunications Technician with 5 years of cabling, and exposure to engineering, installation, maintenance, repair, IT, and telephony. Fortified wireless/Wi-Fi communications,... show more

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Work experience
TSG Consulting, Inc
Wi-Fi Field Technician (Project-Based)

 Achieved construction of Wi-Fi network infrastructures and data mobility.
 Produced installations of high-speed internet access (HSIA) with Cisco access points.
 Metamorphosed customer production and gained clients’ loyalty.
 Delivered the highest quality of security, reliability, and performance.
 Completed cable terminations for CAT5/CAT6 and spliced fiber optics using electric arc.

Telamon Corporation
DAS RF Technician (Full-Time)

 Optimized distributed antenna systems (DAS) installments, of VZW and AT&T.
 Fortified reception and reliable cell phone coverage to clients’ specifications.
 Validated coaxial and fiber optic cables, per job specification and procedures.
 Improved cable management, by means, of rack and stack in head-ends and remote locations.
 Revised cabling, antennas, working equipment, and circuits, that received clients’ approval.
 Spliced fiber optics with a fusion splicer, successfully.
 Revamped signal loss and reflections, effectively, while PIM testing and line sweeping.
 Alleviated miscommunication and response time issues, between management and employer.

Anistar Technologies Corporation
Data Center Cabling Technician (Temp)

 Became a certified contractor for CenturyLink and prepared the data center for tourists.
 Modified cabling for HP and Intel systems of extremely sensitive, security-based data.
 Engineered integrated systems and cleaned audio-visual components.
 Accepted supervision, direction, and accountability.
 Showcased reliability, efficiency of systems, and established client appeal.
 Executed equipment deliveries, audio-visual installations, and lucratively tested systems.

ProviNET Solutions
Cabling Technician (Full-Time)

 Conceived structured cabling systems that increased company profiles.
 Established voice and data wireless network infrastructure, transforming work environments.
 Enhanced operational telephone services, monitoring, and audio-visual communication.
 Secured client premises with coronations of various life safety systems to include Aruba.
 Trained audiences how to operate equipment and developed consumer exuberance.
 Migrated 60+ existing Avaya and NEC phones to transition a cut-over.
 Received minor training on Nortel/Mitel VOIP/telephony and terminated 66/110 blocks.
 Cross-trained and learned admin tasks, helpdesk auditing, and billing recon contracts.

Connectivity Wireless Solutions
RF Technician I (DAS Project)

 Modernized Pepsi-Co with an AT&T distributed antenna system installation.
 Enacted reliable cellular coverage throughout the warehouse.
 Advanced DAS hybrid accession, highlighting clientele specifications.
 Became certified through CommScope/Andrew Institute and was granted work permissions.
 Concluded RG-6/RG-59 coax termination with ‘BNC and F’ radio frequency connectors.

Cellular Phone Technician (Temp)

 Resolved electronics functionality issues, of cellular phones, and computer pre-repairs.
 Solved program support issues via telephone and addressed customer/vendor concerns.
 Effectuated reductions in customer wait times, by dispatching repairs to other technicians.
 Attained system knowledge about CDMA, PCS, GSM, iDEN, LTE, WiMAX, and Wi-Fi.
 Inventoried product stock to maximize loss prevention.

Barbeau Enterprises Inc
Technical Specialist (Project-Based)

 Launched Chase Bank/Washington Mutual (WAMU) Conversion Project.
 Initiated upgrades of proprietary products and technology.
 Orchestrated linking, former WAMU branches, to the Chase Bank computer system.
 Accomplished setups, connections, and removed add-ons and basic PC peripherals.

Alutiiq Security and Technology LLC
Maintenance Trade Helper (1-year Government Contract)

 Spearheaded intrusion detection (Europlex) and communication security (Ademco) systems.
 Safeguarded Military and Army National Guards, heavy artillery, vaults and supply rooms.
 Honed systems and tested equipment efficiency, including cabling, devices, and alarms.
 Paid meticulous attention to details and formulated constituency approval on wired devices.
 Installed control panels, video surveillance, alarms, PIRs, ANEs, contacts, sensors, etc.
 Committed to extensive US travel and maintained a Secret Security Clearance.

ITT Technical Institute
Associates, Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology

 Honors Recipient  Attendance (97.8%)  GPA: 3.79 of 4.0

ITT Technical Institute
Associates, Computers and Electronics Engineering Technology

Honors Recipient | Attendance (97.8%) | GPA: 3.79/4.0

Chicago Vocational Career Academy
Certificate, Accounting

Mathematics | Accounting and Computer Science | Business |

  • structured cabling
  • telecommunications
  • cabling
  • RF
  • Installations
  • DAS
  • Coax
  • Fiber Optics