Chuck Cramer
West Chester, OH 45069

Well seasoned leader. Comfortable in working in adverse situations and with diverse people. Able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing. Very apt to teach one on one, small... show more


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Work experience
M.C. Tank Transport, Inc
Senior Director of Safety and Compliance

For the safe operations of a bulk liquid transporter of HAZMAT and non-HAZMAT products
for a Cargo Tank trucking company consisting of approximately 145 drivers/contractors, 50
support personnel, 160 power units, 320 cargo tank trailers, 128 shipping container chassis, that
operated in 12 separate locations.
Responsible for maintaining safety compliance records in accordance with USDOT and OSHA
Responsible for the approval of the hiring of all driver personnel using a self-developed vetting
Oversaw the manual auditing of all Hours of Service Registers (Log Books).
Wrote all corporate policies.
Editor of semi-monthly safety communique.
Collected pertinent data throughout the calendar year and used this data for the writing of the
company's EOY historical summary, which compared the reporting year's data with previous
four-five years information.
Negotiated trucking insurance rates.
Active member of the National Tank Truck Carrier and Ohio Trucking Association.
Instrumental in the company's winning of several National Tank Truck Carrier's Honor and
Merit, Personnel Safety, and Safety Improvement Awards.
Successfully nominated ten candidates that were selected as the OTA Driver of the Month.
Instrumental in the company's winning of numerous Great West Casualty Company's Platinum
Fleet Safety Awards.

Roeder Cartage Company, Inc

Responsible for the safety operations of a bulk liquid, dry bulk, dry freight trucking company,
and R-Stamp tank trailer repair shop consisting of 30 support personnel, 70 drivers, 80 tractors,
170 cargo trailers, and 40 freight trailer, operating in three locations.
Responsible for all procurement and dismissal of driver and maintenance personnel.
Responsible for all training of drivers and maintenance personnel regarding regulatory
compliance and general safety.
Wrote all Job Descriptions.
Attended Workers' Compensation Hearings
Testified at depositions involving accidents, injuries, and insurance claims.
Active in the Ohio Trucking Association.
Successfully nominated ten drivers chosen as OTA Driver of the Month. One of which was
selected as the organization's Driver of the Year.
Active in the National Tank Truck Carrier association.
Instrumental in the company's wining of the coveted Heil Trophy for safety performance.
Instrumental in the company's winning of several National Tank Truck Carrier's Grand, Honor
and Merit, Personnel Safety, and Safety Improvement Awards.
Was selected by the National Tank Truck Carrier association Safety Director of the Year.

U.S. Army
Communication's Specialist/Indirect Fire Infantryman/Heavy Antiarmor Infantryman

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
Supervised up to five personnel in the preparation, transportation, and receiving of DOD
messages; operation of various cryptographic machines; handling of classified documents
destruction of documents; and distribution of messages to the appropriate agency(s).
Additional Duty Appointment of COMSEC Custodian.
Held various levels of Top Secret Security Clearances.
Was on Special Assignment to the Pentagon.
Indirect Fire Infantryman
Promoted to the rank of Platoon Sergeant (later latterly changed to Sergeant First Class).
Second in charge of a 30 man platoon.
Responsible for leading indirect fire of ground mounted 81mm and 4.2" mortars; fire control;
managing fuel, ammunition, rations; maintaining prime carriers; and medical support.
Maintained a Secret Security Clearance
Additional Duty Appointments included Load Master, Unit Readiness NCO, Range Safety
NCO, and Unit Training NCO.
Heavy Anti-Armor Infantryman
Served as a Platoon Sergeant of a 27 man platoon.
Responsible for leading anti-armor weapons platoon (TOW) in ground mounted, wheel
mounted, and track mounted vehicles.
Also served various terms as interim First Sergeant of a 150 man company consisting of five
TOW missile platoons and Company Headquarters section.
Maintained a Secret Security Clearance.
Additional Duty Appointments included Unit Mobilization NCO, Load Master, Unit Readiness
NCO, Range Safety NCO, and Unit Training NCO.

I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.
I am truthful and believable.
I can be counted on to complete whatever task, objective, or job is needed.

Antioch Baptist Bible College

Owens Community College
General Business
University of Findlay
Arlington Local School
General Education
Certifications & licenses
Industrial Forklift Trainer
Ohio BWC

Learned features of Forklifts, i.e. counterbalance, steering, single, and multi boom machines. Identifying tell tale signs of abuse. Documentation and conduct of preoperation inspections. Training of qualified operators and identification of authorized operators. Writing lesson outlines.

Permit Required Confined Space
J.J. Keller

Learned definition of Confined Space and Permit Required Confined Space. Learned duties of Authorized Entrant, Attendant, Confined Space Supervisor, and Rescue. Learned O.S.H.A. requirements.

Joint venture between Ohio Trucking Association and the Ohio State Highway Patrol
No-Zone display