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Work experience
The Remi Group
Business Development Manager

SaaS $2.4 million revenue, $360k gross margin
*Maintain CEC requirements monthly
*Manage data input into CRM System
*Effectively forecast sales revenue (software SaaS)
*Maintain effective communications within all operational departments internally to further sales opportunities

Sales Cycle Summary
*Software implementation: 1 to 3 months from concept to contract signing. Average deal size $120K (new license and associated implementation costs)
*SaaS: 3 to 4 months from concept to contract signing, Average deal size, 240k to 500k plus
*Current company ranking: 15 out of 265 sales associates (BDM) (inside sales and outsideThe Remi group provides risk management consulting services to Federal and State government, healthcare, educational institutions, and commercial organizations through a technology based enterprise wide asset manage application designed to reduce MRO spend and extend the useful life or capital assets held by the client organization.

Specific Role/Responsibilities:
*Identify new clients and determine ways to expand Remi's presence within the national and international marketspace.
*Research client MRO spend
*Evaluate/analyze spend data via P in order to recommend opportunities to create cost savings
*Identify industry trending that produces wins for clients in efforts to create cost savings and streamline supply chain
*Eliminate redundant vendors/contracts from within supply chain
*Provide crucial customized decision control tools, create economies of scale to leverage purchasing power, rationalize/substitute/standardize vendor selection process throughout affected areas of MRO Supply Chain
*Develop ROI calculations that validate solution readiness. Develop contract requirements and manage negotiation process.
*Client contract
*Third party support vendor contracts
*Manage conclusion of project to project timeline requirement and associated performance metrics
*Post mortem implementation support and oversight over project management team
*Project review, Internal and external goal alignment meetings.

Sales Cycle Summary
Typical sales cycle lasted between 6-8 months. Initial point of contact is in the C-suite or board level corporate members. Goal of cycle is to create downward pressure on senior management team as the sales cycle progressed to its conclusion. This strategy insured the solution was accepted and implemented across the enterprise. Some of the activities within those efforts included:
*Initial presentation to members of senior management team
*Collection of key data requirements and or location of individuals that hold that data
*Pricing and proposal development that illustrates enterprise impact on budget
*Negotiation of contract T's and accompanying implementation timeline
Successfully closed deals over my tenure at a rate of close at 30% with average revenues generated on behalf of the company between $600k to well over the million dollar mark.

United Sourcing Alliance
Regional Manager

Provided group purchasing solutions to fortune 500 companies, HMO's, and secondary educational institutions that introduced an economy of scale solution that reduced clients purchasing costs for MRO items.
Specific role/Responsibilities: Articulate cost reduction strategies to C-suite executives from both a long term and short term perspective. Identify specific buying classes that could be leveraged from economy of scale spending and provide ROI proof. Manage and support a team of five (5) professionals that provided implementation, ongoing support, and project management and acted on client's behalf for negotiation with vendors.
Position Requirements: Ability to understand and develop a plan to meet challenges presented by C-suite executives as it relates to supply chain management strategies. Strong understanding of supply chain management with specific focus on procurement processes. Great negotiation skills, high business acumen, contract development, and personnel management capability.
Additional References/Previous Clients provided on request

Business Development Manager
East Carolina University
Bachelors, Business Management