Charlie Marks

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Work experience
United Parcel Service
Hub Operations Supervisor

Supervise multiple departments to ensure maximum output by maintaining the highest
standards for account productivity, training and development, safety, customer service
and attendance throughout work areas.
*Ensure all polices and procedures are communicated, understood, and adhered to.
*Establish and promote a positive, team-oriented work environment emphasizing
employee involvement, pro-active communication, inter-departmental cooperation, and
continual improvement on all levels.
*Implement employee personal development plans training, and regular evaluations i.e.
safe work methods as required to ensure the continuing growth of department
*Establish and maintain an aggressive cross-training program within departments to
promote development and enhance flexibility; and ensure backup coverage of vital
functions and processes.
*Function as an effective liaison on all levels to ensure that employee and department
needs are addressed in a timely and productive manner.

Consolidated Container Company
Lead Blow Mold Machine Operator

Lead a team of 8 blow mold operators in efforts to mold plastic products according to
specifications within a high speed, high pressured environment.
*Adjust machine controls to process timing and temperature to start automatic feed
mechanism to produce quality product depending on types, sizes, and configurations.
*Perform mold, neck tooling, blow pin, and other equipment changes as necessary.
*Troubleshoot and locate root problems in order to repair blow molders and additional
equipment as necessary.
*Perform any preventative maintenance to all machines and equipment and report
needed repairs as required to maintenance personnel.
*Participate in all safety initiatives by staying true to 5S, keeping clean work areas and
making health and safety top priority for all.

Private Label Nutraceuticals

Production Supervisor

Guaranteed productive work flow within production lines ensuring safety standards
were met in combination with customer orders being fulfilled and distributed in a timely
*Coordinate 53 warehouse staff by conveying job expectations i.e. scheduling and
assigning personnel to specific areas and job duties to fulfill production needs.
*Monitor and track product usage throughout production runs and give end of shift
production reports.
*Improved accuracy and productivity by increasing awareness through observation of
product and personnel usage during product runs resulting in improved efficiency which increased organization capital and client service.
*Trained and developed staff in efforts to promote a culture where personal growth,
communication, and teamwork were exhibited to foster a spirit of cooperation within and
between departments.
*As a safety team member made certain each staff member maintained a safe and
clean work environment by educating and directing personnel on the use of equipment
through compliance with established policies and procedures.

Atlanta Community Food Bank
Sr. Group Volunteer Lead

Effectively engage, educate, train, and supervise inspecting and packing process with
volunteers and alternative sentencing workers in a fast paced environment during shift
sorting operations exceeding 50 million pounds of food and salvage goods distributed
into local communities annually.
*Made certain all products were accurately sorted, coded, and properly stored to
minimize shrink and damage resulting in improved customer service and accurate
inventory counts.
*Lead discussion with volunteers on the mission and operation of Atlanta Community
Food Bank and its efforts to fighting hunger and poverty issues.
*Perform necessary administrative tasks i.e. maintain accurate data records of
inventory through written evaluation on production and volunteer experiences in efforts
to manage inventory and customer satisfaction.
*Operate industrial equipment in order to fulfill put-a-ways, replenishments as well as
process inbound and outbound loads in conjunction with promoting a culture where
health and safety of employees, volunteers, and alternative sentencing workers is top
priority for all.

Cooper Tire Rubber Company
Shift Supervisor

Managed team of 45 loaders in a high speed, high pressured environment making
certain all rail-car, live, LTL, express, inbound, and outbound loads were accurately
completed in a timely fashion.
*Assisted in implementing effective lean projects for more efficient and effective
productivity improving accuracy with inventory control and customer satisfaction.
*Maintained and assessed the productivity and performance of warehouse staff through
daily production records.
*Guarantee hazard free work stations in accordance to plant operating procedures.
*Developed warehouse staff in a way they could reach their full performance potential
through effective communication, planning, and follow up.

Troy University
Masters, Management

Eastern Kentucky University
Bachelors, Broadcasting Electronic Media
University of Florida