Chandra S
Independent Contractor

I am adaptable and have the ability to work outside of my Logistics background by previously excelling in the Financial Technician position, as well as my current position as an Independent... show more


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Work experience

Skilled sales professional who answer inbound calls on behalf of Live Ops clients. Clients call in to discuss
products, order and purchase material advertised on television, commercial or radio.


Ensure operational efficiency by providing high-quality customer service and supply support to 60 organizational personnel. Aid customers by identifying material and logistics requirements. Efficiently acquire items by prioritizing and scheduling requests. Coordinate procurement of supplies and services through automated supply systems by reviewing and submitting purchase requirements, while maintaining prescribed authorized funding and procurement regulations. Certify invoices for vendor payments. Order government materials through appropriate supply channels. Receive incoming shipments, process receipts, and issue material to customers. Package material and prepare shipping documents. Move materials on pallets with material handling equipment.
*Eliminated unauthorized purchases by overseeing training of cardholders on proper use of purchase card.
*Consistently complied with prompt payment procedures by processing invoices within 30 days of receipt, avoiding accrued interest fees.
*Expedited urgent materials by tracking status and communicating directly with logistics agencies.
*Administered organization's annual grant of more than $226K
*Filed documents and maintained correspondence system of company financial/logistics records.
*Supervised 40+ personnel in supporting and maintaining a 55K sq ft facility.
*Dramatically improved storage by 80% and saved government $12K+ by organizing facility workspaces.
*Conducted two hours of financial training each quarter.
*Prepared and analyzed eight financial planning worksheets, recommending budget adjustments based on risk.


Supervised a warehouse team of 3 in providing customer service and operating hazardous material program storeroom. Ensured customers received supplies promptly by careful planning of daily warehouse operations. Trained and supervised 10 personnel in material ordering, packaging, and shipping.
*Increased warehouse accuracy, storage, and material delivery by scheduling and conducting 20 required, random inventories.
*Improved and preserved condition of the work environment by conducting warehouse renovations.
*Administered organization's annual $2M+ grant.
*Monitored 2 funding accounts, advising organization on fund status and maintaining fund balance.
*Simplified fuel expenditure monitoring process by implementing a new tracking system for Navy aircraft fuel accounting and monthly reconciliation.
*Controlled and accounted for more than 1.4K aircraft support equipment material.
*Ensured material kept in ready-for-issue condition or accepted quantity of material available when required in support of aircraft maintenance action.


Supervised four personnel in conducting audits, documenting results, and developing reports for Logistics Department head. Analyzed logistics reports from relational supply automated information system, recommending process improvements to certain functional areas. Provided superior customer service to tenant organizations in planning and coordination of 400+ requisitions. Directly supported government contracting officer and vendors. Prepared and submitted purchase orders to contracting activity. Set up and maintained filing system of work orders. Oversaw seven personnel in daily operation of supply response division, researching and expediting critical material for organizational and maintenance activities.
*Assessed functional supply procedures by performing more than 40 logistics audits and increased proficiency of Supply Department by helping achieve organization's upper-level goals.
*Managed 20 associates in researching, processing, tracking, receiving, and shipping more than 1.5K aviation repairable assets through local tenant organizations.
*Achieved 100% accountability of all material by performing extensive screening on receipt of items.

Department of the Navy
Financial Technician
Department of the Navy
Logistics Specialist
Independent Contractor

I am adaptable and have the ability to work outside of my Logistics background by previously excelling in the Financial Technician position, as well as my current position as an Independent Contractor, in which I have gained experience working from home by taking customer service calls for various companies by building rapport with customers, and taking personal and financial information from customers. I receive sensitive, sales, and customer service type calls. I also have an active secret clearance. I have been working in this field for approximately two years, utilizing my skills, ambition, and hard work in order to succeed in this industry.

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am strongly driven to succeed.
I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.

Northwood University
Bachelors, Business Administration Management
  • Excellent Leadership Skills, Managment, Team Building,