Brandon Elwood
Brazil, IN 47834

Trailer Builder, Forklift Operator, Material Handler, Machine Operator


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Work experience
Great Dane Trailers
Trailer Builder

It was my responsibility to order, setup, prepared, and moved the aluminum rails so they could be attached to the top and bottom of the side walls of semi trailers. I completed this job using blue prints, specs, calibrated tools, power and pneumatic tools, with a large variety of mylar tapes, stickers and foam lining tapes. Moving these rails I used a 750 lb. I beam attached to a 7 1\2 ton overhead crane that I operated by remote control. Being the only person with this job I worked alone with very minimal supervision.


I filled, moved, and stacked 1500 lb. totes of corn using pressurized shoots and forklifts. All the totes
were labeled and inspected to my knowledge. All the totes were organized and stored using hand on
computer software.

Area 30 Career Center
Certificate, GED
  • Forklift
  • powertools
  • operated pneumatic tools
  • Calibration
  • Blueprint Reading
  • overhead cranes
  • computer skills
  • Quality Assurance
  • Machine operator
  • Basic Electrical Wiring
  • Assembly
  • Daily Product Inventory
  • Time Management
  • Shipping and recieving
Mechanical Skills: Monitoring — Proficient

Measures a candidate's ability to monitor machine indicators in order to ensure safe and appropriate operation.

Merchandise & Supply Storage — Expert

Measures a candidate's ability to apply systematic processes for managing and storing products and merchandise.