Asim Robinson

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Work experience

Project Role Description

Application Architect

Project Role Description
Programmed commenting systems for stories on the CMS. Logged in users can post comments and rate stories using J2EE.
Programmed functionality used to add, sort and blacklist comments in Java.
Created mappings that returned results for race data to other modules during the election with Hibernate.
Programmed Controller code that returns Candidate data according requirements given by parameters using MVC.
Agile programming using Hudson svn scrum semi XP CI ant

CMS Programming:
Vignette Content Management System
Added new features to the cms including tests, software delivery and maintenance. Created content type definitions. Populated databases with back end loader scripts. Set up controllers to accept parameters, loaded data objects, ran junit tests with maven. Created xml with dom4J transformed xml with xslt
Create Content Objects and manipulating those objects within the content management system.
XML Generation from writer and moderator based settings
Associate Objects to channels: for example video player module will default to the video play-list associated with home channel.

Fox News
Integration Consultant

Integration consultant works with Client technical team and is involved in technical design, build, test phase.
Key Skills Java, Grails, Scala, Web Services, Agile methodology (Scrum), SharePoint, Perl, Database (MySQ, Oracle)

Responsibilities include
-Understand existing system architecture and interfaces.
-Technical Architecture and system design.
-Search Engine Optimization
-Stakeholder Communications
-VBA Macros for Microsoft Excel
-Process Automation
- Omniture Mapping
- Web Services
- Development with Grails FrameworkWeb application programming

OSS CVM Java Developer

Brought all code in house from NDS to COX Communications
Logged into a 32 bit juniper VPN using Selenium to gain access to the outsourced code repositories
used git svn to transfer all SVN repositories into git repositories on Cox servers.
Optimized the git repo by identifying only the minimal resources needed
Added the appropriate Java, Hibernate, and Spring configurations to deploy the applications
Automated end to end code
Configured a PostGre database
Wrote Maven poms

Created a unified web services testing framework utilizing
* Web services annotations, EJB 3.0 (Session Beans), Annotations, JAX-WS for Business tier.
* Hibernate 3/Annotations, JPA Entity Manager, Spring Framework, Integration and Security, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, AspectJ, LDAP ActiveDirectory
* Hibernate Threading, Hibernate Thread life cycle, Thread-Safe with concurrency
* Active MQ, JBoss Scheduler, REST Spring MVC/CXF Framework
* Oracle 10g/11g
* Grails, groovy, jQuery, Struts, Tapestry, Grails, groovy, jQuery, JUnit, easymock, powermock, Ant, ivy, grails build scripts

Project Role Description
Adworks - Integration Lead
Onshore developer and Lead that worked with a small offshore team to design and build 6 Java-based integration interfaces. Strong Java developer with web service API (SOAP, REST) integration experience and Batch processing experience.
worked with 3rd party vendors using supplied web service APIs.
Worked with vendors and communicated with them when API documentation was not clear.
Defined development environment specifications.
Worked in/traveled to AT facility or locations that can access AT network.
Skills Asserted: RedHat Linux or Unix, job scheduling (cron job), batch processing, flat file processing, ETL, XML, WSDL.
-Did Ground up application development from business requirements
-Took business requirements and extract use cases
-Created use case diagrams and extracted business logic from use cases
-Created class diagrams from use cases
-Created skeleton application based on class diagrams
-Set up development servers Test servers and production servers
-Set up svn for revision repository
-Committed these skeleton java classes and interfaces to svn
-Led a group of 3 java developers and 1 systems analyst to continue the development of the application based on the business requirements
-Programmed an interface of my own using java technology
-Integrated technologies from 3 different vendors to fulfill the business requirements
Zuora a billing and subscription technology
Birst, a reporting technology
And Ad-juster an ad statistic company
-Axis2 WSDL Parsing and wsdl2java

Project Role Description

Data Storage Developer

Developed a build and deployment process to handle multiple versions and development streams in progress
Work with the environment expert to provide recommendations on how the technology stack and implementation is impacting the performance
Work with DB2 in data storage
Worked with with Ant and ksh/bash.
Developed database deployment strategy using Flyway and Liquibase
Worked on GWT and J2EE platform for core framework

Project Role Description

Configuration Manager

Configuration Lead/Tech Arch responsible for implementing/maintaining code versioning tool, developing/implementing scripts/processes/procedures for builds, deployments/application releases. Work closely w/Onshore Production Support/Offshore Build client Infrastructure/Tech Arch support teams.
Created and enforced release numbering, emergency release tagging and branching scheme
tracked changes in svn with TeamCity continuous integration build tool
Managed 37 Virtual Machines assigned different users to help gain credentials
Created automated deployment scripts for Oracle Weblogic
Installed software such as Siteminder for single sign on, Oracle DB and Weblogic Portal.
Created Ant scripts for building the project.
Configured cron jobs to run the Batch
Configured SOS job scheduler for Batch
Deployed workflows and PCC changes in IBM FileNet P8
Managed offshore team in Deployments and SVN
scripting for CM, build, deployment activities; Ant, Maven, Shell Scripting
using/administering Subversion
Assisted developers with issues related to CM tool (check in/out, branching, tagging)
building/deploying Java web apps, Linux OS, WebLogic
worked with deploy IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine
and with Database Oracle 11g and Data Persistence Framework myBatis

Project Role Description