Amy Bowe

Hard working and dependable. Yrs experiences in healthcare Ranging from elderly care, the disabled and handicapped, to young men ages 7-21 with psychological issues(group home setting) to job Corp... show more


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Work experience
Direct care/ Youth counselor

Holland's residential servicesDuties include but not limited to teaching respect and responsibility.
Holding Group sessions to process each individual's feelings to assure we
stay aware. Which house to be aware of any behavioral issues. Be there
too generally care for these teens who often are traumatized from home
situations or being a part of the system for many years including being
foster children. Chart and log daily activities. Chart all in any incidents that
occur in the home, outings, school and or home visits. I provided
Transportation using that company van to take two activities doctors
appointments in any other appointment they may have. Administer
medication three times daily using a mar and Counting and signing off on
all narcotic medications with oncoming shift. Always checking on the
children keeping them in sight and have the ability to stay calm and handle
all situations with complete understanding!

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CNA / residential advisor

Excelsior Springs Job Corps

Duties include but not limited to providing guidance for students to achieve
a positive attitude and proper behavior and dormitory living situations and
to accomplish their goals and objectives . This includes dorm leadership
and dorm rating competition. Assist with recreational activities for students
on and off center. Monitor dormitories security of our campus. Ensure
proper behavior with students, resolving potential or occurring problems.
Assist with transporting students to and from Recreation as required.
Maintained dormitory and individual students files. Administer medication
write all necessary nurse or doctor slips as needed for student
communication. Student electronic monitoring. Must maintain a healthy
relationship being a role model. Teaching them life skills providing
counseling when needed. Helping each individual set individual plans by
one-on-one meetings. Always be accountable of each student. Setting up
weekend and holiday passes and logging accordingly. Word and Microsoft
knowledge is a must. Maintain a safe and clean work area at all times that
models high standards for work environment. Recommend and arrange
students visits with counselor when needed. And the ability to monitor both
positive and negative behaviors through positive intervention.

Private Duty home health

Excelsior Springs Nursing and Rehabilitation

Duties include but not limited to Elderly Care in long-term facility. Learned
about wound care. Provided patients and family with emotional support
exhibit Compassionate Care and communication with regard to issues
death dying and or goal setting. Transferring residents in and out of
wheelchair and adaptive equipment. Showers and charting daily activities
as well as monitor intake and output. And performed scheduling Staffing for
this facility.

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Shirkey Leisure Acres

Duties include but not limited to starting out in classroom environment to
become certified. Assisted with adequate nutrition and fluid intake. Charted
daily information on the residence such as mood changes, Mobility activity,
eating percentages, and daily input and outputs. Recognizing reported
abnormal tease and or changes and patient's health status to nursing staff.
Documented residence records on daily flow sheet and assisted with ADL.
Maintain a clean and orderly well-stocked environment you. This job give
me the opportunity to learn specific procedures. Those procedures
included cleaning rectal tube, G2, j tube, and regular catheter insertion. 12-
hour shifts.

Meyer care
Private Home Health
I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.
I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.

Richmond High School
High School