Amanda Mullins
LENOIR, NC 28645

I am a cna of 18 years but i took a break from that and was a cashier for a while. Now i am wanting to go back to cna work but i am also looking for a cashier position i love either one. I just... show more

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Assistant manager

Lowes home improvement
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My licnse expires april 2020. I am on the cna 1 registry in good standing

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I want to use this space to inform any potential employers who like my resume that before you call me for an interview i must forst disclose my background. I have 2 pending charges selling aclohol to person under 21 and selling alchol to person already intoxicated. I made a mistake. I hope not to be outcasted forever but i still need a job i have a family. I am not one who gets in trouble. This is a first and will be a last.