Alpheus Joseph
Armed Protective Services
Union, NJ 07083

I'm a person that believes in achievement and getting what is needed to complete my life in the job field I don't like jealous people and stupid ones who think their cute I'm a criminal justice... show more


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Work experience
Malca-Amit Armored, Inc

CDL driver, inspect vehicles daily, document traveling distant in a log book daily,

deliver valuables like diamonds, gems, high price watches such as bvlgari, pick up on different routes in
different states, surveillance my surrounding while stationery when the messenger is outside the vehicle,
document any special stops that the supervisor might call over the cellphone or regular phone and at
the end of the shift perform post trip inspection after using the truck or van

JB Hunt Transport
Flatbed CDL Driver
Panther Premium Logistics, Inc
Over the Road Truck Driver

I would transport cargo all over the United States and inspect my truck accordingly and log in my stops

Amazon Delivery Driver

I would delivery food items, articles, inspect my vans before leaving the area and drive a Brooklyn New
York route daily

Apex Security Group Inc
Security Officer

I would guard a warehouse at night and watch the employees work and during the day I would enforce
the parking regulation rules within the truck yard

Map Creator Driver

I would take pictures of different towns from state to state and turn them into maps for by
using a electrical camera attached on the roof to the vehicle.

Warehouse Trailer Loader

FedEx Ground
Armored Truck Driver

I would load heavy and light items into a trailer before it left the dock at night for 5 hours per night

Garda Armored Car/ A

I would transport money, coins, paperwork to different areas and pick up currency and inspect my truck
before leaving the yard

Garda Armored Car/A/T System
Driver/ TVM Technician
Garda Armored Car/A/T System
Driver/TVM Technician/Delivery

Transport cargo, items, people from their present locations to the destination, inspect vans, trucks, cars,
write up reports if needed.

Coach USA
Bus Operator

I would transport passengers from city to city collect money and inspect the bus

Academy Express LLC
Bus Operator

I would transport Rutgers College students around the campus from their home or any locations in the
city of New Brunswick NJ

Haynes Security Inc
Airport Security Officer

I would guard a post at any terminal that I was assigned to and communicate on a two way radio and
check the employee's ID Cards as they enter and left the area

Sergeant of Security

I would patrol a mall area, apprehend if needed, write report, operate a two way radio system,
survillance the areas for criminal activities

United States Army
Military Police Officer/ Combat Soldier/ Airborne Paratrooper

I would perform different types of assignments under order, guard a post, vehicle patrol, foot patrol,
drill and ceremonies, airborne jump assignments, VIP Escort Armed, delivery items, coins, personnel,
night driving and cargo deliveries

Jowa Armed Services
Armed Guard

I would guard beauty salon and a motor agency, write reports, communicate on a phone or two way radio
and stop a person from damaging the client's property, apprehend if needed

Truck Driver

C Transportation Messenger Trucki Temp Agency 600 Ridge Road 201 954-1581 Supervisor Gus

Safety Manager

Ms. Kimberly Clarke 1 800 452-4868
I would transport different type of cargo and fill out trip sheets and other documents if needed and
deliver the items to a place of business or the person's address.

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am strongly driven to succeed.
I am self-assured in my skills and talents, and I'm willing to take on challenges and risks.

Central Texas College
Criminal JusticeLaw Enforcement

Fayetteville Technical Community College
Armry Institute For Professional Development
Certificate, Military Police Course

Military Police training in arrest, handcuffs, civil disturbance, law enforcement operations, firearms use, traffic, physical security planning , protection of VIP's and civilians, Court Processing, police administration and practices

Frank H Morrell High School
High School, Law/ Personnel Counseling
Certifications & licenses
Basic Law Enforcement Handcuff Course
Gun For Hire

I'm certified to carry my handcuffs at work and detain anyone who's commits a crime during my work hours

New Jersey State Police

I'm certified to work security in the state of New Jersey for any employer

Homeland Security/ TWIC Card
Homeland Security

gain access in high security places and need no escort to deliver cargo

New Jersey Firearms Identification Card Permit
Union Police Department

The permit gives to authority to own operate and transport firearms with ammunition safely within the of New Jersey

  • Protection, Surveillance, Fitearms, Communication, CDL Driver
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