Allen J Rowbotham
Albuquerque, NM 87193

As a recent graduate, obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in project management, and exercising these abilities while working at MSI as a project manager, I am seeking an organization where my Project... show more


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Work experience
Technical Staffing Assoc. @ Cobham Life Support Systems
Project Manager

Developed proposal and schedule for White Sands Missile Range site upgrade – Won Phase I to SDR. Initiated the follow-on proposal and schedule for Phase II to be presented at SDR bringing the project to the CDR phase.

Woodward Endurance / Fatigue stand, 737 thrust Reverser actuator project, FFP, for endurance and fatigue testing of actuators via an automated hydraulic test stand for a major tier one customer. Contract value of $1.5M

Develop system and site bids & proposals for open contracts.

Parker Hydraulic Fuse and Regulator test stand & HPU. FFP to develop a system to test various hydraulic fuse and regulators to the aircraft industry for major tier one customer; contract value of $2.25M.

Logos / NAVAIR project. T&M development phase and FFP for production phase of the contract, for development of 29 composite Pod & Pylon assemblies to be installed on a UAV. Contract value of $1.4M

Developing schedules, assessing risks and mitigations, tracking parts ordering, parts receiving, project development progress, documentation progress, hosting internal & customer meetings, meeting minutes, posting schedule against budget, supplying budget updates for team and management, SDRL deliverables, assuring that project milestones are met, interfacing with the customer, coordinating the team for project goals, establishing WBS, establishing the PDR, CDR, other schedule milestones and project cost analysis. Obtain resources to support projects assigned, establish the schedule, track labor and ODC's, Budget burndowns, provide revenue forecast (PV & EV), EVM, SPI & CPI for each project.

MSI (Mechtronics Solutions Inc.)
Project Manager II

Designed and developed many ½ ATR and VMC style rugged chassis' for MIL/AERO customers. Performed peer review of designs for mechanical engineers and assisted other mechanical engineers whenever required. Liaison to the manufacturing floor for the mechanical engineering group. Instrumental in developing processes and guidelines for designing system chassis within the mechanical engineering department. Mechanical Engineering manager until permanent replacement was hired. Received many recognition awards and certificates of appreciation for work performed. Partnership between GE & Fanuc was dissolved 2008.

SBS Technologies Inc.
Electro-Mechanical Design Engineer

Responsible for the design and development of electronic chassis’ for Infiniband Switches, TCA's and HCA's. Chassis' were designed to be RS-310 compliant and the systems were designed to comply to agencies; UL, CSA, CE, GS, TUV, & FCC. Responsible for taking the systems to test facilities to ensure the integrity of system compliance and to monitor testing and assure passage of the systems to the required standards. SBS Tech. was purchased by GE/Fanuc in June 2006. Received many recognition awards and certificates of appreciation for work performed. Documentation was completed using Autocad solid modeling Rel. 2000 thru Rel. 2006.

Essential Communications
Electro-Mechanical Design Engineer

Responsible for the design and development of electronic chassis’ for HIPPI and Infiniband Switches, and HCA's. Chassis’ designed to meet RS-310 standards and to ensure integrity of systems to pass agency testing; UL, CSA, CE, GS, TUV, & FCC. Responsible to take systems to test facilities to monitor testing and assure passage of systems to required standards. Successful in developing the first HIPPI switch chassis to meet agency requirements including FCC Class B in the industry. Documentation was completed using Autocad solid modeling Rel. 2000 thru Rel. 2002. Essential Communications was purchased by SBS Tech. in March 2002.

Delphi Automotive - Advance Engineering Division
Mechanical Design Engineer

Responsible for custom packaging of Power Electronics, DC / AC Converter and Inverter units for the automotive industry and to obtain the mechanical component package outlines for all devices used on each PC Board. Using a proprietary excel spread sheet, generate a feasible square area and number of layers for PC Boards, to generate Mechanical Outline drawings for PC Boards, and to develop packaging including water-cooled heat sink for systems. Responsible to perform required thermal assessments and testing verification to assure criteria are met. Track and assure build & testing of prototypes for projects. Documentation was generated on UG-II Ver. 15.

Jacob Engineering Group
Mechanical Designer

Responsible for Documenting existing tool installations; to provide new mechanical services and facility routing for installed tools, including gas, bulk chemical, and drains from tools to lateral P.O.C’s (point of connection). Duties included to complete paperwork for P.O.C’s and popouts; update drawing files and master files with demolition and new work layers; including floor, ceiling, filter, plenum taps, pipe routing for tool installations and support for all levels of building. General Site Services support at Intel FAB 7,9,11 &19 sites.

E/M Packagine Design Engineer
PRI Automation
F.I.T. (Factory Integration Team) Mechanical Engineer

Installed company automated material handling equipment (AMHS) into various "clean room" FAB's in order to expedite and control the silicon wafer development. This was accomplished by installing wafer storage (stocker) units, a monorail system with "CAR's" to transport the wafer cassettes to and from storage units; a machine loading robot vehicle (MLRV) to transport wafer cassettes to various furnaces for processing; and a cassette anomaly station (CAS) for aborted cassettes during processing. Performed "CAR" maintenance and monitored the facilities of the FAB for proper equipment installation. This included power, vacuum, and structural supports for equipment. Assure installed equipment complied with company specifications, initiated, monitored and analyzed "root cause" of problem equipment to identify isolated issues versus systemic problems and to develop and document all "As built" issues. Documents completed using Autocad Rel. 10 - Rel 12.

ITEK Optical Systems
E/M Packaging Design Engineer

Developed; designed and detailed enclosures and rigid-flexprint PWB Mechanical Outline drawings, based on maximum volume within available locations specified by customer; with weight and temperature considerations. Incorporated thermal management planes and introduced surface mount technology for the rigid-flexprint circuitry. Enclosures were designed for using oven vacuum brazed AlBeMet material for strength and weight criteria. Duties included the estimated weight studies to be generated for all projects. Layouts and details were completed on Apollo workstations using Autotrol 3D. Sent to California to assess the manufacturing capabilities of vendor for the enclosures to the required specifications.

Cambex Corp.
E/M Packaging Design Engineer

Responsible for conceptual layouts of three versions of test hoods to thermal cycle PWB's during the testing phase; Environmental Chamber Project. Developed test specifications and parameters, selected the HVAC system to support the test criteria, generated schedules for each project and interfaced with the vendors during the material procurement phase. Layouts and details were completed using Autocad Rel. 11 in 3D on personal computers. Sent to Arizona to re-align the schedule and oversee the completion of a PWB board test bed fixture.

GCA Corp.
E/M Packaging Associate Engineer

Responsibilities included the Support of various departments; assisted in system temperature tests, airflow control and test, etc... Duties included Assisting in creating and establishing Manufacturing Processes and procedure reports for building JIT cells with the Manufacturing Engineering Dept. Duties also included creating general retrofit plans and procedure reports for on-site implementation of equipment. Equipment was designed to comply with the following agencies: VDE, CSA, NEC, UL & IEC (predominantly UL-1950). Layouts completed using Autotrol Rel 12 and Autocad Rel 10. Responsible for conceptual layouts and engineering of various, RS-310 compliant, rack mount equipment including, RMS chassis, Power Driver Chassis, VME chassis and others used to monitor the Lithography Stepper during wafer exposure.

Raster Technologies
Eng. Services Manager & E/M Packaging Design Eng.

Scheduled workloads, interviewed, hired, trained and conducted performance reviews for 6 mechanical engineers, designers, detailers and 2 documentation administrators and a mechanical test technician. Chairman of the Configuration/change Control Board (CCB) and ECO meetings. Coordinated all Safety Agency testing for all products released through engineering. Established standards and approval processes for PWB routing and layouts through to manufacturing release. Duties included the Creation of internal drafting procedures conforming to industry standards and to establish documentation standards and product release procedures. Member of NEDDMA (New England Design Drafting Managers Associations).

I am committed to the company's success and loyal to the people and things I believe in.
I am able to find new and unique ways to achieve goals and bring a job or task to completion.
ITT Technical Institute-Albuquerque
Bachelors, Project Management & Administration

Inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.
Graduated valedictorian with highest honors.
GPA - 4.0

University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Mechanical Engineering

Courses taken. Did not complete program.

NH Vocational Technical College
Associates, Electro-Mechanical Design

Graduated with honors.
GPA - 3.18

Allen J Rowbotham | LinkedIn

Developed proposal and schedule for White Sands Missile Range site upgrade - Won Phase I to SDR. Initiated the follow-on proposal and schedule for Phase II to be presented at SDR bringing the project to the CDR phase.

Allen J Rowbotham | Professional Profile

As a recent graduate, obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in project management, and exercising these abilities while working at MSI as a project manager, I am seeking an organization where my Project Management skills may be utilized, developed, expanded and will flourish to the benefit of both the organization and myself. My previous career as an Electro-Mechanical Design Engineer enhances my abilities as a project manager in dealing with teams and project understanding while gating and vetting requirements and deliverables. In my previous career I attain my first Project Management certificate in 1991 and the project management has been used as a tool for all preceding project endeavors since providing a base for many successful projects.

More information

• Managed 7 projects consisting of multi-disciplined teams of 10 – 15 engineers and production people over 2.5 years at MSI/NTS
• Mechanical Engineering Manager of 7 Mechanical Engineers leading 15 projects over a one year period.
• Managed several departments which consisted of 11 people; a documentation control group of 2 individuals, a custom products group of 1 mechanical technician, 1 Mechanical Engineer and a department of 7 mechanical engineers and designers
• Develop MS project schedules, WBS, milestones, and status reporting
• Assessing projects for risks and developing mitigations with tracking matrix
• Ascertaining requirements from Bids, SOO & SOW documents and capture in matrix for developing WBS, milestones and building schedules.
• Developing teams to support projects through Functional Managers
• Reporting project financial status through EVM, CPI, SPI, burn downs, % to ECD
• Proficient in budgets, cost controls and tracking expenditures
• Reporting and monitoring actual labor hours vs estimated hours
• Developing SWOT analysis for mitigations and providing alternative approaches to customers
• Documenting lessons learned for team feedback
• Creating dashboard matrix for project monitoring
• Monitoring project progress though action/issue log tracking, risk matrix, status reports, schedule updates and regular team meetings, both internal teams and with customers.
• Coordinate conference calls, virtual team meetings, SDR, SRR, PDR, CDR, testing, coordinating final documentation packages and final project closure meetings between teams and customers
• Being the customer advocate assuring all requirements and milestones are met, documented and closed.
• Actualize innovative product design and development for Mil/Aero and Commercial-Industrial markets
• Lead team(s) of engineers to successfully execute projects and programs achieving the corporate and customer goals
• Engage in training individuals and teams to foster innovation and creative thinking
• Strong record in investigating issues, Root cause analysis and developing resolutions with reports
• Accomplished in establishing standard processes for streamlining product introduction into manufacturing
• Demonstrated ability to multi-task and coordinate many engineering projects from concept to manufacturing
• Adept in increasing customer satisfaction through process development integrating quality controls using AS9100, ISO 9002, and internal QA standards
• Skillful in coalescing teams to maintain project focus, milestones, customer requirements and schedules
• Drive to continually improve productivity and efficiency with ability to increase production by re-allocating resources and reducing production faults
• Proficient in Project Management and Manufacturing processes
• Knowledgeable in VCP, MRB, many VITA/VSO, Mil, and commercial standards including regulatory agencies such as UL, CSA, GS, VDE, TUV and FCC
• Expertise in design & development of sheet metal and machined chassis
• Experienced developing injection molded parts, casting, extrusions, die castings, and thermal forming parts
• Developing and inspiring teams to foster a Center of Excellence