Alberto De sales
District Sales Manager
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Dynamic District Manager able to develop and implement comprehensive business strategies, solid execution plans, effective policies and procedures; Facilitates contract negotiation and... show more


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Work experience
Spirit Halloween / District Manager

I was responsible for the real state part of the business find locations with in the budget but also attractive for the traffic and consumers. Recruiting, Hiring and Training was a fundamental part of my initial consolidation of my District finding the right Store Manager and Assistant Manager due to the challenge of the temporary job, motivation and clear message was a important key.

Another special part of this was being physically involved in the building of each location from the first fixture in till merchandising was done. Loss Prevention was a daily routine in each location under my supervision we implemented a several steps to avoid mistakes and crate opportunities for lose, that include weekly inventory control. As I manage the P for each location and for my whole District I accomplish not only hitting my goals but having a motivated crew working and ready for level opportunities next season.

T-Mobile / Management, Retail, B2B
Loss Prevention Sales Trainee

Running a retail and b2b operation simultaneous of $3M annual quotas with obtainments over l00% in every quarter in accountability for performance against immediate and long-range 2015-16

My accomplishment on my time in T-Mobile was to lead implementations of new inventory methods to avoid procrastinations and mistakes in double counting inventory and or calling losses when the products where in the stock rooms. I also lead the Loss Prevention District Team to assist and train Manager, Assistant Managers in how to use the best practices and prevent incidents.

This Position left me with a vast knowledge in Retail Operation, Loss Prevention, Inventory Control, Wireless Sales, Sales Trainer skills.
Achievements with this employer: "Best of the Best Award" in the South Florida Region in every quarter on 2010-2011-2013

JC Penney / Sales Marketing Manager

Box Retail manages all aspects of the operation and sales strategies of the JCPenney culture, including sales, inventory clearance wholesales Holiday Marketing.

I have help increased sales in that location from 14M in 2005 to a 20M by the end of 2008 location was in a very low income area and by mid 2009 we reach 24M that surpass the goal the company give us.

Developed and implemented a leads generations plan resulting in $7.5 million in new revenue over a two-year period.

BTS Communications / Director of Franchise Sales

We had a master dealership from Verizon Wireless and VoiceSteam to bring new investors from the US and LATAN my responsibility was to train Managers and Executives to engage on those negotiations as well face to face with potential clients closing deals, negotiating commissions and residual structures.

I was responsible to prepare locations for carriers approvals base on contract standards, assign the proper account executive to fulfill the franchisees needs and to report to the BTS quarterly about our progress financially plus any new expansion.

e and a team of Sales Managers to encourage international and national investors in a turnkey operations in a
Wireless retail stores with an outbound call centers in Ecuador and Panama to act as a sales support in addition to

Mosaic / District Manager

Developed team of retailers in Florida Michigan and Puerto Rico managers who achieve established financial plans,
sales goals and customer service objectives.
Conducted store/sales Managers performance and appraisals - Evaluated store managers and provided feedback
and development opportunities to increase retention of store/sales Managers.

Verizon Wireless
Sr. Account Manager

My responsibility was to develop a new market for Verizon in Miami as a new brand at the time, my specific job was recruit independent owners existing and new ones to become a Verizon Wireless dealers. I archive 120% of my goals with in the fist year in this position opening over 36 new doors with 20 new Dealers on board, at that time that was very difficult due because Verizon was a very new brand by early 2001 I have 135 door under my portfolio from the Florida Keys to Boca Raton that help me be awarded that year "The 100% Club " destitution give directly by the Senior leadership of the Company at the time.

More work experience upon request.

Radio Shack Corp
Senior Store Manager

Direct day-to-day operations of 8,000 sq. ft. store generating more than $12M in annual revenue. Recruit, train,
mentor, and manage 70-member team, ensuring continuous delivery of outstanding customer service.

Movilnet / C.A.N.T.V
Sr. Sales Trainer
Marasistemas / IBM / HP
Manager Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales (Hardware Division)

Sr. Sales Trainer

in the cellular subsidiary of CANTV, Movilnet.

Buxton University
Business Management

Buxton University
Bachelors, Business Management
Simon Bolivar University