Aisha Oliver
Prep Cook/line cook-other

Well my name is A-sha,thats how its pronounced. I started working when i was 15 have worked my way through a few good job and a few bad..I've had my up's and downs but i've turned my life around... show more

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Work experience
The Lobster Connection
prep/line cook

Responsible for keeping up with all the prep needed for the day and next am. Cooking lobsters & Steamers to order. Doing dishes and keeping the back room clean and clutter free at all times. I was offer a $2.00 raise to come back this summer but if i find a full time,year round job then i told them i probably wouldn't be back as much as i love the job and my 2 other co-workers..A better job would be lovely.

Taylor Home
Prep Cook/Server

I did a little bit of everything,some days I'd be in one building prepping for the next meal or next day's
meal. Other day's I'd be either plating food so it looked presentable to our residents and other times
I'd be serving them the food and making sure they were satisfied with their plate. I always cleaned as
I went to keep the cleanliness up so it wasn't so bad at the end of the night. Had to check mark that
all freezer refrigeration we up to temp and working correctly. Making sure that everything is wrapped
dated as to not make anyone sick. Always use the FIFO system.

The Margate resort

Responsibilities were to get my daily work sheet,filling my work cart with all the things needed for the specific rooms. Some rooms were just being turned over while guest was out of the resort,other rooms needed full service from the beds bathrooms restocking coffee bar,making sure everything was working & in good order. All of this being done in a specific timely manner. Liked the job but pay just wasn't enough,left for better job with benefits.

Prep Cook/Line Cook

Seasonal work. But my job duties were keeping up with a very fast paced kitchen. Worked on the char
grill and made all the cold food while doing prep for things I needed in between. Also when needed I
would do the frying of the seafood,clams scallops calamari and whatever else was fried. At the end of
my shift I had to make sure that I stocked everything for the next shift or when closing making sure all
is stocked for the next day and wrapped. Everything cleaned sanitized.

Line Cook

Seasonal work

The Lobster Connection
Prep Cook/Line Cook/Dishwasher

Seasonal job. Was responsible for all the prep work which was constant. Making coleslaw in bulk
atleast 2 or 3 times a day,same with tarter sauce. Making sure everything is stocked as much as
possible.Checking Putting away as much of the food orders as possible. Cooking live lobsters,clams
oysters to order and getting them out as quick as possible. Very fast paced little place. Also,going
out cleaning up picnic tables making sure all was looking good for the next set of guests. Clean up
at the end of day was making sure everything was marked dated put in it's place,things pulled for
next day. Making sure all equipment is turned off. All dishes trash were done and taken out. And the
place was left so that it was ready to go for the next day.

Water st Cafe'
line cook

Sometimes opened the restaurant,doing all opening chores. Getting everything ready to serve and then coking my whole shift.. Prepping when needed and putting away food orders when needed also

Water street cafe
Line Cook/Prep Cook

Job duties included getting everything ready prepped for the day. Being in my spot on the line to
make sure that all food went out in a timely manner. Making sure everything was ready to go,pulling
things if need be. Prepping as much as needed depending on the day's. Friday night prime rib dinners
were myself one other awesome employee. I got the menu ready for the evening,made sure
we had all the sides and fixings needed for the dinner. End of shift was doing the same with most
jobs,wrapping dating and filling everything that needed filling. Making sure the kitchen was cleaned to
perfection especially the grill. That was my job,getting that grill to just about shine. I might be small
but I've always been able to clean a grill! Making sure all equipment is turned off,trash is out. Everyone
is done just about the same time left together.

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I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I can be counted on to complete whatever task, objective, or job is needed.
I care deeply about the success of the group or company of which I am a part.

Diman Regional Technical Institute
High School, Culinary Arts

Diman Reg Voc Tech High School
High School, Culinary Arts