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Virtual Event - Assembly Technician roles in New Boston, MI!

Friday, July 17, 2020 at 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Virtual event - schedule a phone call with a recruiter to become an assembly technician!
For jobs in New Boston, MI Area
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Position(s) Available

  • Assembly Technicians

Why This is an Awesome Opportunity

Kelly Service is now hiring assembly technicians in New Boston, MI. These are premier temp-to-hire opportunities with a $1000 sign-on bonus when you are hired in!

Assembly technicians will handle the assembly of blow-molded gas tanks including: buffing, polishing, trimming and simple assembly operations either by hand or machine-assisted, to meet the needs of customers such as GM, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler

Locations Hiring

36000 International Drive, Huron Charter Township, MI

Shift(s) Available

Assembly Technician - 2nd shift (3pm - 11pm, M-F)

This is a temp-to-hire opportunity after 95 working days
Conditions for hire: good attendance, good production, positive attitude

Pay & Benefits

- $1000 signing bonus for being hired in after 95 days!
- Pay increased to $14/hr after hired on
- Potential to earn up to $19.50/hr over a period of time (usually 4 yrs)

- Very comfortable working conditions - A/C in summer, heat in winter; super clean; family-like atmosphere; paid lunches and breaks


All new hires must attend the fully paid orientation and training sessions:
• Orientation: 7:15am – 2pm (first available Friday)
• Quality Training – 4 hr – 7am -11 am (before first day)

Lift requirements: 50 lbs
**No Prior Manufacturing Experience Required** - will train
**Steel toes are required**

- OT is mandatory
- No time-off during 1st week
- Only 3 days off during first 95 working days (excluding 1st week) – cannot accommodate scheduled vacation during first 95 days

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Job Details

Assembly Technicians

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