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Never give up

I have been filling out job apps for 2 mths if not longer going on interviews either getting a call to saying they chose someone else or no response i finally got a phone call saying i got the job. So never give up

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That's great! I know someone who has been sending out resumes and filling out apps for about 7 months. Nothing works out. Good for you!

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Ladelyn Serna

Refer your friends or family members

MANPOWER is hiring for Machine Operators_in Sandy UT!

What’s in it for you?
Day shift- 6AM to 6PM
Graveyard- 6PM to 6AM
Temp to hire
$13.25/hour-guaranteed overtime
Schedule: 1st week- 4 days on and 3 days off
2nd week- 3 days on and 4 days off
Clean room environment

What brings you to the job?
At least a year ANY Machine experience
GED or high school diploma

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please send your latest version of your resume in a Word or PDF format at or call: +414 269 8731 Ext. 1839 (11:00AM TO 8:00PM MST) as well as availability for a phone interview (please note best number to contact you).

Lenin Pina

Good Stuff, thank you Ladelyn.

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You can

You can do anything in life that you want if you put you mind, heart, and soul into it

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Chris Duncan


After almost a year of being unemployed, I have received an offer for a full time job with benefits and the pay I need. After over 500 resumes sent out, 11 temp agencies that lead to absolutely nothing, and less than 20 interviews. The strange coincidence is the job is with a company I had previously interviewed with, and didn't get the job. The person who interviewed me referred me for the position and even gave me a recommendation to the interviewer. I still have to do the onboarding process - which won't be a big deal, but I received my offer letter less than 30 minutes after speaking with the HR representative I have been communicating with. Several times I wanted to give up, and I was considering putting my house on the market before I could no longer make my mortgage payments. My savings had almost run out, but I had a good feeling about this job and lo and behold - it came through. Don't give up! it's out there waiting for you!

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I want to ask you a question. The question is how did you survive a whole year without a job. I know I could not do that actually I never been out of work And I dont have a house in fact im...

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I am very discourage that I will not find employment. It's been 4 years since I was fired from my job, I have been on so many interviews. And when I don't hear back, I always call to see what my status is, and it's always the same response they hired someone else. And the will keep my app on file, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have exhausted all of my 401K, which I was denied unemployment and could not fight for it at the time.

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don't give, and go get your unemployment. it's yours you deserve it you will find a job. God bless you never give up

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William Bishop

What do I do?

Went on an interview for a relationship banker position. Had a decent first interview in which I steered the conversation for the most part. I got called back later in the week for a 2nd interview with a regional manager. I did that interview and it went really well. He called the branch manager while I was sitting in his office still and told her to interview me for possibly starting at her branch. She called me and I did a 3rd interview on Thursday the 2nd. The interview went so well I was elated. It could not have gone better and I felt like we had a really good chemistry. That evening I wrote the branch manager basically saying how excited I was about the branch and I look forward to hearing the next step in the hiring process. Then I haven’t heard anything back. On Friday the 10th I was sent an email by the employer regarding pertinent tax information because I was being considered but it mentions that it’s an email that one fills out before they’re even interviewed. I quickly filled it out and sent it back within 30 minutes of recieving it. But still now I wait. Still nothing. Should I send another email or call to see what’s going on? I don’t want to come off desperate.

Maria Serrano

You have what it takes to do the job n confidence which I'm sure will help you get a good job. Whether or not it's with this company I don't know but I would wait a few days n go to them in...

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James Joseph

My advice to people interested in working at #Luxor as a #WarehouseWorker ...

This is the place to go if youre looking for temp to hire and good pay jobs

Sheila Woods

Were is it located in what time can I go

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Professor McWilliams

Something sounds stupid. Does your company use write-ups and reprimands as a tool to assess employee performance. If so they are open for litigation. Those two devices are different and they are used for different purposes. The reprimand is used to correct inappropriate behavior, i.e. violations of company policy. The employee assessment is used to evaluate employee job performance. The performance evaluation should be at least six months in duration. You were done wrong and you know it too!

Phyllis Hammonds

My job conducts an annual performance review where corrective actions are taken into consideration as part of the evaluation along with other goals and accomplishment an employee has...

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Tarshia Bishop

Interviewer did not ask any questions


I went on an interview this morning and i was really prepared for them to ask me all sorts of questions. The first thing that was asked do you have any questions for me. I did ask a bunch but this was kinda odd to me. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Maria Serrano

Yes the employer n asking questions is good. It would give you a better view of the job you're thinking of applying for n if it's really the 1 for you.

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McQuael Frazier

Can anyone help me?!

Hi! Im going to make this quick. I was working through a temp agency but recently just got hired on permanent. I'm happy to be hired on permanently but here's the thing. Before they hired me on, they told me I had to call the temp agency and tell them I want to quit working for them because I found something new. But...!! My permanent job didn't want me to tell the temp agency that I got hired on! Why would they do that and could I get in trouble?

Please help and thanks guys!

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They probably don't want to pay, you understand that I hope. So if they want you permanent tell them to release you and call you back. Normally it's not a good thing to dabble in doing wrong...