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Eric Louis Jackson
5 days ago

Nervous !

I have made a bad choice I think the reason I'm having some trouble getting better job is because my experience is in multiple different things. It's not a flaw just never found anything that excited me thought they would think positive about me being able to do Soo many different things? What the frick!!

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jennifer tyson
about 7 hours ago

i know but you are still young you will find the right fit good luck

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Roy lee Gilliard jr
9 days ago


I am a 46 year old man with many qualities on differt work. I have a multitude of experience in many different fields. A jack of all trades, master of none. Lol. But I have found good jobs, but it took some time. So I have learned to be patient, even tho times may be tough I make a way. As a matter fact I just got hired again in one of my profession. Be patient and trust the lord.

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George Arkoh
3 minutes ago


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Vanessa Hicks
6 days ago

i lost my job

after 20 years working in daycare this new owner comes and fired me because of too many absences I had doctor's notes for most of them

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Mala Kaul
4 minutes ago

Do not lose heart. I am sure you will soon find something better. Be on the look out. All the best

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Rex Hampton
4 minutes ago

I also have industrial maintaince expernce

I have 5 years experience

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Rex Hampton
6 minutes ago

I am forklift certified for stand up and set down

I have over 10 years experience on forklift

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Taylor Wynn
12 minutes ago

Looking for a change

I've become interested in relocating, or, perhaps even work aboard a ship...

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Mario Brown
13 minutes ago


I need a job please

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Luis Alvarado
16 minutes ago

Journeyman electrician

Equiment distribution,Troubleshooting, underground, read blue print an lay out, runing pipe emt (pvc,rigid) 1/2 to 4"

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Jose Montanez
17 minutes ago


BBA administration Manager

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Barbara Baker
20 days ago

So fed up

For 6 months i been trying to find a job as a secretary cause i have arthritis eating my legs so bad i have nothing but bones deteriating my knees to almost cripple anyways every time i try to find me a job everyone refuses to give me an interview or call me because i don't have a GED I'm very computer smart and very good with the public i just tired of being denied a job cause i don't have a GED so disgusted over it bout to just give up trying

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Mala Kaul
17 minutes ago

Do not give up. May be just give it a break / let go for a while, and then re-start afresh. I know & understand how...

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