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Police Officer

I will have 37 years experience when i retire as a police officer. Would do something when my experience would be benifical.

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Feeling lost and all hope is fading ??

Hello I can relate to how frustrated you are with the job searches. It took me 6 months of seeking and 3 interviews with the same company to finally get hired. I have other things going on as well as far as to trying to make money. As we all know it takes money to make more money. I'm a distributor online with two different companies selling health products, company names are New U Life and another My Daily Choice. Both are excellent for use, no…

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Help me!

I'm a single father of one. I just want to get ahead for once. I went to college for welding for a year. But no diploma . I have to retake one class in the fall to bump my GPA for financial aid... Why is life so hard?

Ryan, don’t listen to these negative people. Keep plowing through, follow and gain skills for what you want to do. Keep your eye…

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Job interview next week!!

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Yes,I'm ready

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hit me up on my gmail or inbox me for better conversation are you not ready to work?

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JOBS CAREERS WORK FROM HOME : no experience no selling all ages GREAT PAY GREAT BENEFITS what is holding you back:

as a female i am starting to see a trend especially in women . men call my dad for help as a christian counselor of jobs careers money and fixing bad credit and personal counseling . and they wind up asking him to lend them money. not so much do they want a job. and with me with women that call me they wind up not following thru once i explain to them the many JOB AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES . what is going on. THE HOMELESS RATE IS UP. THE…

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WTH is this site?

What is all of this? Y'all seem salty as hell, .... we all decide to take action in our lives. Take life as is comes, no need to be salty, you made the choice to make a move, now live with what comes. It's called cause and effect, if drop a ball , it's going to bounce!

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fast food is not for me

The manager at the jack in the box i work at is very rude to me and i dont think i can work there anymore. Any advice?

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Can’t go on!

I started a job recently in a field that I have experience but I HATE THE JOB! and I am quitting tomorrow. The job is much more work than it was 20 yrs ago and I don’t want to do it. I didn’t realize it until after I started how things have changed. I rather pursue a work from home job or business.

Did you Quit!!!

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Indian Cook

I'm south Indian, North Indian and Chettinad cook. Only for House & Company Guest House Cook. 25yrs Experience, age of 50yrs, more than details please call me.

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The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #SonnysBBQ was

This is the most amazing place to work. The staff care about you, you can also work your way up and make more money. You just have to put in the effort. You do them good and they do you good. Amazing company

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Are they hiring?

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