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Bianca Combs
Wendy's 462 Chancellor Ave Irvington, NJ

Team member

Looking for an job asap

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Barnes & Noble 14347 W Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO


I put in my application 3 days ago and still haven't heard anything back can i get a number that I can reach a hiring manager at?

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Amber Clark

How should i feel

So I receive a phone call from my job today saying that she wanted to have a meeting with me on Monday and what would be a good time for me so we schedule a meeting for 1 o'clock I was also told that I didn't have to report to work today I can report back Monday after the meeting I don't know how to take this so I asked if I did something wrong she said she would discuss this with me on Monday so I'm on edge until Monday how should I feel

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Sonia Ighalo

Scam Job Email

Our Company is getting back to you regarding application on a Career Builder for vacant position.

This is Alice, and i am a manager of BTC Ltd. Please find below the information regarding the post we open today!

Since 2008 year we have been developing and presenting our services in Europe and Asia. In 2016 we will open our branch in the US.
We help both global private and corporate investors to find virtual investment objects.

We are hiring persons who will help us to find and negotiate with new customers from the USA and prepare investment reports.

Start employees guaranteed pay rate of $3,000 per month.
For owners of a scientific degree or MBA the base rate will be significantly higher.
After first month of probation period all authorized workers will get a special work phone in their own use. This can be iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 depends on your choice plus a contract paid by the firm, as well as a laptop: MacBook or Dell.

We would appreciate you if you have a similar experience such as account management, negotiating, solid IT skills.
At the first month you will have a personal manager who will help and oversee your actions.

Please answer us back for more details and information.
Thank you for attention.

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aveylon evans

need a job

i am 13 years old and i need a job to make a little money i live in Gaston NC i am a hard working boy i like to cut grass and wash cars and clean the inside out to and i also like moving stuff for older people to...

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Faith Robertson

Dental Assistant

I received a call from a potential employer. I was asked some questions that were clearly specified on my resume. I was then told when I asked about the hours ..they were not sure. How do you call an potential employee and not know the hours is just proposterous!

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Kervenlee Morne


I'm in high school, I'm 18 and I live with my parents, most of the time they are at work looking for a better life for me and my other brother and sister. But I will soon go to the university and I want to have more ways to realize my dream. If someone can help me, give me advice or tell me how I can get a job, or if I can work for them it will be very useful.

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Retired aerospace engineer, certified to teach college physics, engineering and math

I'm looking for a full or part time job. Teaching college or high school mathematics, engineering ,and physics. I'm certified at ERAU teaching college physics, will also entertain tutoring these subjects in Southern California. In San gabriel valley
Please contact me at saavear
For possible employment opportunity.

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Personal asst

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there is ( idk if its a man or woman) by the name of Marleny Davis that's sending out $4000 checks to be deposited into your acct to be his/her personal asst. Please don't fall for it!! ALSO was contacted by someone claiming to be from Amazon and hiring for secret shopper- also a SCAM, he's sending out $1900 checks, these ppl are unreal! True low life trash!!!!

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Everdean Codner
BJ's Wholesale Club 825 Pelham Pkwy Pelham, NY

Overnight work

Am interested in the overnight shift if any comes available.....right now I work from 7am to 4:30pm and willing to do an overnight,am very motivated and also a people's person