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Fell inlove.

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Age discrimination?

I am 60 yo. I apply and apply, but get nowhere. Someone suggested I drop the dates of employment from my resume. Has anyone heard of this? Does it work? I'm at the end of my rope.

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Any interest in trucking?

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I was Fired

I was fired because of something my 37 yr. old son did when I wasn't even on shift...I asked my boss did termanating me have anything to do with my job performance...they said no...I had worked there 10 yrs and 10 months..what can I do for wrongful termination?They told me it was because of my son...I tried to tellthem to look at door codes but they didn't. It was a fellow employee that was involved in the incident.I had never even been written…

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Betty, sorry to hear about this. If you want to get into trucking, I have a path.

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INTERVIEWS: (No. #3. Mistakes to Avoid) Appearamce.

!!PLEASE READ THIS NOW!! (This can change your life.)

Folks, interviews can be liken to airline tickets or a boarding pass. If you pass the interview you can come onboard. If you don’t, you can find yourself sitting on the sidewalks of life, far from the runway of success.

The TV Host Judge Judy once said, “Where did you think you were going sir, to the beach?” “You’re coming to court sir”!

Apparently, Joe didn’t get the memo, so he reported…


I'll bet he took a soda in there as well. That's a killer, the soda...

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I started a job 4 days ago and I’ve already been thrown under the bus. As I’m still learning, a coworker was supposed to stay until I was done. She didn’t and the doctor I was working with needed something and I got flustered and didn’t know where to look so I called my manager and she got angry since she told the other person to stay. That person was told to come back. I apologized for calling the boss and she said, “It’s alright I’m used to…

Still no Luke here in Yuma AZ

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So I applied for a low income housing apartment and was 3 weeks into the process and the manager goes on vacation and then comes back and says that there was other people poorer than I who called for an apartment while she was on vacation that needed to be processed before me. So I was put back on the waiting list. Is this legal? Which cost me my job. I worked from home off my computer.

Omg...Im so sorry.

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I'm 49 and an Executive Office Administrative Assistant. I live in CT and got hired by a good company. I feel very lucky. It took a lot of perseverance, marketing and interviewing for 60 days. I'm never leaving. Thank you President Trump.

Good luck, it wasn't you it was your determination.

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Plant seeds..... !!IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU!!!

Interview, jobs, salaries, career status, full-time w/benefits, permanent positions, part-time, full-time, promotions, pay increases, on-the-spot bonuses, on-the-job training, internship, volunteer services, on-call positions, etc....

Absolutely, nothing happens or expands in life unless you plant seeds to make your harvest grow!

I Believe You Can...!


That is so true. Well said.

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Gd aft I have a Dillemma I was offered to start a job tomorrow through a Temp agency ...but I was also offered to Interview with 2 full time Jobs the same Day what should I do?

Talk with the Temp Agency and tell them an unexpected personal issue came up and ask if you could start the next day? do the math…

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Mentally abused at work

I was fired simply because my boss didn’t like me. I live in an at will state therefore I can be fired at anytime.
This man was my manager for 4 months, I have been with the company for 16 years & in the industry for another 10 years with other contractors.
This man started off with writing me up for several untruths that he stated happened before he was even my manager! He told me I wasn’t a nice person. He would bring me to tears and then…

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