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David Laskey
11 minutes ago

David laskey

If you ever though of doing adult films please message me

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Shante Richardson
9 minutes ago


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David Laskey
less than a minute ago

hey whats going on

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David Laskey
3 minutes ago

David Laskey

If you ever wanted to get into the adult film world but don't know how to go about it please message me.

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Robin Meyer
6 days ago

I got 2 job offers

I went on an interview with an Arts and Crafts store as a Front End Cashier yesterday and today I went on an interview with an upscale handbag and accessory store as a sales and stock associate. Both companies had me fill out a background check which will be ok. I do not have a criminal record. The handbag store set me up with another interview with the store manager on Friday. When I got home the Arts and Craft store called and said they...

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Robin Meyer
38 minutes ago

Wel I started at the arts and crafts store on Friday and was fired today on Sunday the manager said the other associates said...

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Sally Hull
6 minutes ago

Hopefully the other job will come through

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Kenneth Warren
7 minutes ago

I am deaf

I need work dishwash

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João Silva
5 days ago

Don't Give Up! Persevere...

You wonder how long you can continue fighting an uphill battle, uncertain about reaching the summit if you already feel exhausted. However, you’re likely much closer to the top than you realize. Holding your current course seems counterintuitive if you’re prematurely tired, but the rewards are worth the extra effort now. Don’t react impulsively; wait until the clouds clear and you can make an informed decision based upon rational perceptions....

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Jani Reyes
about 17 hours ago

Very good advise, but if you really, really want to know that you are on the right path, simply ask God. If someone is truly...

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Glenda Theunissen
8 minutes ago

So true. God is faithful we mustnt give up.. easier said than done

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Jamie Wimberly
22 days ago

Age Discrimination

I am not being considered for jobs I believe because to my age. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from a well known University. I have skills, work experience in various areas of customer service. I agree with many of the comments on this Jobcase site. As soon as the contact person verify your DOB and when you graduated from high school they hang up or trying to connect you to some one to further your education. I am a highly motivated,...

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Sally Hull
8 minutes ago

Keep working at it you will come out on top

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17 days ago


Through out this month I have had a handful of interviews. One of then I did great which I was told by the panel that interviewed me but unfortunately they filled the position. (Which they told me by phone and I really appreciated it) so I went on another interview last week(for a different job) got called for a second interview which was on Monday. That same day the other company that I had previously interviewed with told me that they just...

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Sally Hull
9 minutes ago

Sit down and do pros and cons of each to help you see clearly before you chose. Good luck

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Rocky Bolding
9 minutes ago

What's ahead

Where do I move to

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Donna Bastarache
3 days ago

Crazy isnt it?

I seem to be having the same issue as everyone here. I worked as a Production Manager for 25 years. The last company I worked for I was there for 17 years. I ended up leaving this job. Upper management dumped so much work on me, for jobs that didn't pertain to my profession or expertise. He was a madman. He mistreated a lot of people thru the years, including me. He was verbally abusive to so many..and treated people with no respect. I left -...

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Minerva Garza
16 minutes ago

Have you tried joining a temp agency?

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Ken Shedal
18 minutes ago

Hard worker

Looking for stable enployment been with A.V.Weber for over 23years

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