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So I finally got my dream job after 15 months of numerous applications, some interviews and so many denials. I actually went physically to over 20 offices in Houston on a particular day to seek for opportunities. But, was I idle during this time? NO! I got busy praying & PRAISING; applying, volunteering, doing some online training (free & paid for) and any part-time stuff that could help my mind stay on my target.
Well, at last God showed up and…

God has bless me aswell i am greatfull and congrats to your new journey

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Job case

Is worthless

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Need help

Hello all-
I'm not sure what to do anymore. I've sent out 231 resumes and applications over a year now and I've gotten maybe 3 serious phone interviews with recruiters.

I'm stuck in a hole that I feel I cannot get out of. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Find what drives you, find a line of work that suits your strengths. Set short term and long term goals and stay on your feet…

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Designer One Have you thought about freelancing? Check out FlexJobs and Freelancer for postings.

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Work wanted

How do you get a job if your license have been suspended because you owe a little bit in arrears?

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I got FIRED !!!

I got fired bcuss ive got diagnosed with lung issues , I have difficulty breathing so had to be calling out I have all the paper work and that job still decided to FIRE me. They didn't care about my health they just said attendance issues. They were more worried about their product than my f*** health and it's real sad I've worked for them for almost 2yrs. But God will heal me and I will find another job that will understand my conditions.

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I'm sorry that happened to you but I would do like someone else said file a complaint with EEOC and get a lawyer, it happened to…

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anxious to work transportation by bus!

I have been volunteering in a local hospital almost a year. Although I enjoy my work I need a job with pay. I have have had no luck applying on line! I am willing to seek advice for some kind of help moving forward

Hi Thomas Swiontek -- Does this opportunity with HCA interest you?

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Lois Martin Yes I am

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I got fired

I got fired from the washington county home because i was sticking up for the residents when they were being neglected.

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You did a noble thing for being an advocate for the residents . Most times it's a win win situation, how long did you witness it…

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2nd & 3rd shift General Utility Associates Needed!

Manpower now seeking 2nd and 3rd shift Genreral Utility associates for a premier food company in South Charlotte.  The client is looking for determined yet committed individuals that are as passoniate about their careers as the client is about there product!

Interested? Keep in mind that this job is in a manufacturing/production setting and will run as such.

 What’s in it for you?

2nd and 3rd Shifts.
12 hour Day and Nights
All 3 shifts on the…

I live in pakistan but i intersted for this opportunity

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Looking for a production job

Looking for a production job

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I was fired from my job last September. I loved this job. I didn’t do the things that they fired me for. But needless to say I was fired anyway. I loved that job. It was my dream job. Now I feel as though I will never get the chance to do what I love again. I’ve had interviews but wasn’t called back I know that me being fired was the reason. Can someone help me!!!

How is the job searching like?

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