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Philipphilip York
Coca-Cola 1467 El Pinal Dr Stockton, CA

Coca-Cola 1467 el pinal dr Stockton, Ca

I'd love to know exactly which positions are available at the moment, and the requirements correlated with those position, if at all possible?
My email is ( if needed, for a more In- depth overview...

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Amazon Appraisals, LLC 127 Metro Dr Spartanburg, SC

Open positions

Very hard worker work well with team members and make sure all team members work in a safe and efficient work environment.

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Laurie Weigel


I am currently working at Waterstone Resort and Marina, A Curio by Hilton. It's a 45 drive to work. As much as I love my job the time, wear and tear on my car plus gas makes the more logical part of me realize I need to be a GSA closer. I am currently watching for GSA jobs (Front Desk) openings in the West Palm Beach or Lake Worth, Florida area. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated! -Laurie

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Latisha Wade

Was going on Marvin Gaye Voice

They say I was over qualified for the position I applied for

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tamara hutson

Unemployment benefits

I worked at the Horseshoe Casino for 20 1/2 years! I was recently fired because I went to the washroom without letting anyone know!! I am diabetic and sometimes I have to go like right now!!! It was 10 minutes before my shift ended!!!! I've had more than one accident at work and I was not trying to make this another one!!!! True I had some write ups, but I think that was so unfair!!! Do you think I am eligible for unemployment???

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George Pesta


Where are the united states postal jobs

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Vicki Langer


Goode evening jobcasers:)
Wishing you all a blessed evening & weekend to:)
Let's all just chill till Monday morning & start a fresh new look for work week.................... Enjoy the rest of our Saturday night & of of course our Sunday till Monday morning comes!!!

Mariah Bliss

Couldn't agree more, Vicki - thank you for sharing with the community!

Vicki Langer

As always Mariah it's my pleasure to share with the community:)

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Midwest Guy

Is this normal?

I applied for a job and was told to sign a background check consent form. I didn't hesitate since I have done this numerous times and never had a problem. As recent as a couple of months ago. They strung me on for two weeks, then tell me my application was declined.

I asked for the adverse letter to see why, as they are required to provide according to the FCRA, but they are not providing me with anything but just an email from their VP stating it's declined and that's their final decision. I have a clean background, qualified if not over qualified, employment verifications are ok! So I'm not sure why they are not providing me with anything so I can look into this.

I told the VP she has to provide me an adverse letter as required by the FCRA and she forwards me to the executive officer, which fell on deaf ears.

A former employee of theirs stated they are a racist company. Not sure why they strung me on for two weeks and then not telling me why my application for employment was declined. This has never happened before.

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Ruth Gray

I have not heard from employers is it because of my age?

I have discriminated against is it because of my age and where I come from. Because it is so obvious that all the Jobs I have applied for not even a single interview from employers . It is very devastating to this effect. I give up. Because this is racism.

Ruth Gray

I simply dont understand why age should be an issue to that effect. This has caused me to be reduntant Jobless without no benefits. How do I survive this?

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I am a retired Veteran of 20 years and recently retired from a State of Texas job after 10 years. I am now enjoying some time in my life that has been long coming.