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UnitedHealth Group is committed to inclusion and diversity. Their core values help shape their mission and drive their passion for improving healthcare. They include:
- integrity
- compassion
- relationships
- innovation
- performance

Their culture unites them and cultivates a workplace unlike any other.

“We believe that the uniqueness and experiences you bring to the table increases the effectiveness of our ability to identify solutions.... see more

At UnitedHealth, hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed! As a thank you and recognition to their employees, UHG offers amazing programs and options that address unique lifestyles and needs. Some include:

Health + wellness
- Consumer-driven health plans
- Paid time off and paid holidays
- Education reimbursement
- Adoption assistance

Financial assistance
- 401k plans
- Employee stock plans
- UnitedHealth Group Credit Union
- Employee... see more

UnitedHealth's mission is to help people live healthier lives by making healthcare easy, meeting their needs and sustaining trusted relationships with various care providers.

Take your career to the next level with America’s preeminent health care company. Click here to apply!

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At times like these, we persist. Join a team supporting millions.

UnitedHealth is taking great steps to assure applicants know exactly what to expect when applying for a job. Despite the uncertain times, UHG is leveraging cutting-edge virtual tools to support hiring for vital roles that customers rely on.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to their hiring process.

UnitedHealth’s top priority is always its members, employees and patients. They are doing all that they can to enhance awareness of the Coronavirus and ensure that they are giving the best support to all of the UnitedHealth network.

Please take a look at their latest COVID-19 Support and Resources guide for more information.

We hope!!!

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Having a fantastic resume will always open up the right doors for you. After all, it’s the VERY first thing an employer will see and use to learn more about you.

Check out these fantastic tips from UnitedHealth Group to help make yours memorable!

1- Determine your objective. Clearly understand what you want in your career and take the time to form a clear and obtainable objective. Also understand what skills and experience are needed to do... see more

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Are you looking for a impactful career in healthcare? UnitedHealth is in search of compassionate, creative and self-motivated individuals to join their team.

UnitedHealth Group offers full and half time work from home employment options in:
- Customer Service
- Claims
- Pharmacy Support
- Clinical + more

Check out the exciting work@home job opportunities here!

Did you apply for a UnitedHealth Group employment opportunity recently? Now’s a good time to check your application status. Just go to My Dashboard and enter your email to look in on your application status.

Want to chat with a UHG recruiter? Check out the recruiter chat weekly schedules and find out when your local recruiters are available for an online discussion.

Looking for a new job? Go directly to the UnitedHealth Group online career page... see more


The high performers, The challengers and The insatiably curious risk-taking brainiacs who have compassion for the world around them.

A big part of my job requires connecting with people on different levels, exercising empathy and compassion. - Claire M. (Humane Society Volunteer & Customer Service Advocate)

These are the people of UnitedHealth Group, (read more)

Ready to join the UnitedHealth group Family? Go to https://careers.unitedhealthgr... see more

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