The opposite problem

As per my previous post most can tell I have been caught in that oh so lovely spot of traveling from one dead end job to another. Like most of us that I’ve read about on this site the only way to score if not the job you want a job in general is to really hit the pavement so to speak and submit, submit, submit. Upon doing just that I successfully got interviews to the the two top paying jobs I had hoped for. The issue here is they were on the SAME DAY. Now generally speaking that’s not necessarily a bad thing however in the long run my main problem I’d tried to avoid came true. I got a job offer from both and had limited time to make a decision. One is not going to wait for the other simply because I need time to weigh out my options. I ended up turning down the less paying of the two an proceeded with the other even though I’ve not fully completed the process. I am very confident I will get this job but now idk of I’ve completely burned the other bridge just because I declined the offer. There are no guarantees so I hope to hell I picked the right one...

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