What Goes around comes around

So I was with this company for 2 years, I love the job yes it had it's ups and downs but it worked well with my schedule. So in the beginning of this year I get a call saying there cutting hours, that they needed to saved company money. I went to 40 hrs a week to 13 hrs. They didn't even tell us when our hours would come back to 40, so of course I went into a panic becuase they didn't even give us enough time to even have a chance to look for another job. Bills are around the corner and I have a duaghter to feed. Can't believe a company would do this. So eventually I got a job at the end of January and then I hear that they hired two more people for the company I used to work for. I was heart broken after cutting Every one hours becuase business is slow and to save company money they hire new people makes no sense. But what comes around goes around.




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