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Orlando Rivera

Store manager

I have also applied to many jobs and yet although I have attended several interviews, I still have not been called by any company. Could it be I am being viewed as overqualified or could it be my age? I have over ten years of experience in the business managing large box, high volume stores with over 200 people in the building. Sure hope I can put my knowledge at the service of a company whereby knowledge and skills can help attain sales, profitability and expense control. I am also fully bilingual and P&L proficient. Any professionals in the HR field can shed some light upon my questions?


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Have you tried calling any of the places you applied at to check on the status of your applications/interviews?

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You are not the only one. I have over 18 years in Industrial Maintenance. 10 years in Operations including training, mentoring and team building through Six Sigma and 5-S and a verifiable track record of success.

I am seeing the same thing. I am not sure if HR even sees any information due to thier program that scans the resumes and picks the perfect candidate. While they will never find the perfect candidate they miss so much experience.

Calling does no good even if you can get to the right person as all they ask is Did you complete the on-line application?

In my process I can tell more about a person by the way they carry themselves, comunicate during the interview. While you can use a program to weed things out I still physically review the resumes, even if the program kicks them out. We are nowhere near an AI that can operate st the level. Programs miss things and that costs employers opurtunities.