Hello everyone! I’m pretty new to this site, month or so. I’m diligently looking for a job several ways! ZipRecruiter, Monster, Indeed, and whoever else wants to help. I have to say there are a lot of jobs out there. But there are also a lot of people looking for jobs! My point! I’ve been searching for about a month. Last night is the 2nd time I get someone that tells me this: Hi, Im looking for assistant to help me because I travel all the time. I need assistant to buy gifts, run errands and get my mail. I will send what I need done to your house and give you direction. You do 3 hours two days a week and I pay you 500.00. plus gas and bonus.

Well it’s not exactly those words but pretty close. The first time it happened two weeks ago I asked the guy for the name of his company and where located. He gave me some fabric company. Don’t believe e it was him! Do last night I open email and guy says same exact thing but different name! I mean exactly the same! I tried to relay that to zipRecruiter to no avail. So I’m going to do the diligent thing and post it all over social media’s. These two guys at least are using Dell Boomi as their company. Today his email extension was @zoo then it changed to gmail. Ii have no idea what their game is but I’m guessing.. they want/need to establish an address. I or whoever Needs to agree to it. Possibly IsIs. You could tell by their writing their English was not very good. Today’s guys name was Doug Cunningham. The other fellow had an Indian or Muslim name I can’t remember. But their words were exactly the same!. I’m just trying to spread the news and I ask you all to help me. I wouldn’t want anyone to be scammed!!!!

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