Job Hunting During the Holidays

Hello fellow Jobcasers,

As you search for work and apply for positions, please understand that we are heading directly into the holiday season. During the time from Thanksgiving through New Years, you are most likely not going to hear much from your submitted applications (Unless you are applying for holiday/seasonal positions).

Most businesses pretty much shut down for all intents and purposes during this time as key staff are using the last of their PTO and taking off in the weeks between those holidays.

If you submit applications this week and next, you run the risk of being frozen out until after the holidays. Keep track of which companies you applied to, and if you haven't heard anything by the 2nd week of January, follow up, or check if the position is still available and re-apply.

Do not be discouraged. If you are in need of employment for the holidays, consider taking seasonal positions at retail/restaurants. It may not be ideal, but it will bring in some much needed money during the busy shopping season.

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